Clearly Besotted October Teasers Day 4

September 30, 2019 at 8:00 am 5 comments

Hellooo. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! The best Christmases in previous years have often involved Nativity Plays with my kids. It’s sad they don’t get involved in them any more as they’re too old, but any production with kids invariably goes wrong and ensuing hilarity occurs!

Today’s Teaser is using a great set called unsurprisingly ‘Nativity Play’. There are lots of little mice, dressed up all ready for the play…


St. Bridie’s was a posh school in a leafy part of Birdieville and its plays were definitely a cut above the rest. The drama coordinator was no stranger to dramatic events herself but dreamt about the Christmas production from the February half term onwards. Whilst the teaching staff loved the finished result, they all tried to hide from Ms Strychnine when they saw her marching purposefully towards them with a pile of scripts.

This year, Ms S was determined that the play would top all others. The SMT in school secretly thought that Susan had watched the Nativity! trilogy a few times too many. When she excitedly informed the teaching staff meeting that she’d secured the services of a cherry picker and wiring team, there was a collective gasp of horror.

After what seemed like a million practices, the children of St. Bridie’s were brimming with excitement. All the children were bedecked in the most beautiful outfits that Ms Strychnine’s sewing group had spent months knocking together. The Headmaster Mr. TooTired was concerned that children might inadvertently swallow the beads so lovingly sewn upon the Angels wings, but Ms S assured him that all was well and the threads had been double knotted for safety. On the night of the performance, parents shuffled into the dimly lit auditorium accompanied by the screeches of Key Stage 2’s violin group.

As the play was coming to its thrilling conclusion it involved the angels being lowered down from above. Amidst the canned carol background music could be heard the sound of Billy, first whispering and then getting increasingly louder as the audience could hear ‘Miss, Miss, the wire is wrapped around me leg and it’s cutting off me cirgulashion’. As Ms S frantically gestured towards the cherry picker man, all the flailing from Billy had caused him to move sideways and before anyone knew it, 3 now dishevelled angels were utterly tangled and the perfectly sewn-on beads had started to unravel and rained upon the parents like a sudden flurry of snow.

Janey was upset that she hadn’t been picked to be Mary, but not half as upset as her Mum who was Chair of Governors. Janey’s anger over not getting the starring role spilled out as she wrenched ‘Mary’s’ headdress off and planted it firmly upon her own head. The audience started to giggle as Janey’s triumphant supplanting was evidenced by the look on her face. Less amusing was the multitude of tears from ‘Mary’ and ‘Mary’s’ Mum and ‘Chief of Governors’ started shooting increasingly angry looks at each other.

Mr TooTired could see the whole play unravelling. He turned up the carol volume, motioned for the angels to be hoisted down and was just about to sigh with relief when Adam started sliding down the astroturfed ‘hills’. His ‘wheeeeeee’s’ soon turned to ‘owwwww’s’ as he exclaimed ‘Mum, I think I’ve hurt my…..’. All this emotion and fracas was too much for the ‘baby in the manger’ who had been squished into a wooden crate for far too long. He leapt out of the crate and started jumping on one leg wailing ‘craaaaammpppppp’ which was the last straw for Ms S, who left the stage sobbing whilst the parents and staff en masse were laughing so hard that tears were running down the Deputy Head’s cheeks.

Even the vicar from St.Birdie’s church had a job saying the closing prayer, as he stifled laughter and as the thunderous clapping continued, the catering staff brought around plates piled high with mince pies. They were the Head Cook’s secret recipe, and everyone knew they were laced with something very strong after one of the toddlers had ended up in Casualty after eating one last year, but the Cook was always so cheerful at Christmas, that most parents were happy to cough up £2 for the PTFA funds and nibble them politely whilst looking for tissues to stuff the rest of the offending pastries into. The children had completely excelled themselves and everyone had loved it. Mr TooTired managed to shoehorn Ms Strychnine back into the auditorium in time for more rapturous applause. As she bowed slightly to acknowledge the appreciative audience, Janey and ‘Mary’ could be seen fighting in the background with half of Mary’s headdress in each of their hands.

Mr TooGood thanked everyone for another successful Nativity play whilst busy composing his resignation in his head and simultaneously planning the quickest escape route out of the school building. Mr Grumps the site manager could be heard muttering about ‘those hoity toity parents and their mincepie crumbs’ as he shuffled across the back of the hall, but not one parent or teacher left without agreeing that this was the finest and funniest Nativity play that St. Birdie’s had ever seen. Ms S flopped down on one of the infant chairs at the front of the hall, mentally planning next year’s Nativity play that would supersede even this one…..!!

I’ve pretty much used the same colouring supplies; Nuvo Alcohol markers and a little Nuvo White Blizard for the ‘bead snow’. This set is so cute, you could do a myriad of things with it! What’s not to love about mice dressed up as the nativity characters!

Before the nativity play is completely done, please visit the Clearly Besotted Blog, Michelle, Lisa and our guest Joy Taylor. Can you believe it’s Release Day tomorrow?

I’m back tomorrow with a slightly crowded Christmas morning scene!

Keren x


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  • 1. Lisa Tilson  |  September 30, 2019 at 8:53 am

    What a riot! Such a fun story Keren and a fabulous card. Having not had any children I sadly didn’t get to watch the nativity plays but I can imagine how much of this is true! Time for me to start making some mince pies too 😂 xx


  • 2. michshort  |  September 30, 2019 at 9:06 am

    Haha! So funny! Can we just talk about the teachers names for a minute … Mrs Strychnine! 😂 Fantastic card, Keren. I love the scene you have created without all the chaos of the play in the story. Those angels in the sky are amazing! xx


  • 3. Paula  |  September 30, 2019 at 9:25 am

    God bless a story teller and an artist with words and stamps…what a wonderful talent, thanks for sharing, Karen!


  • 4. conil  |  September 30, 2019 at 5:04 pm

    What an amazing and hilarious mind you have…the images your story has evoked in mine, has me rolling on the floor, tears running down my face with a sore belly from laughing too much. This is so much more than a card release post…you need a publisher. Writing stories is clearly one of you many fortes. The card is, as always, completely delightful but made more so by the tale. I really feel for Mrs. S and Mr TooTired but I’m sure they’ll both be back next year for a new chapter.


  • 5. Ruth  |  October 3, 2019 at 12:01 pm

    Keren you cracked me up here!!! We had one year where a Wise Man had to nip off and be sick in a bucket and another year where one just didn’t come on at all and cried in a corner! Lol! I love them!!!

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