Clearly Besotted October Teasers Day 2

September 28, 2019 at 8:00 am 4 comments

Hello lovely blog friends! We’re onto Day 2 and a slightly ironic card.

The sentiment simply doesn’t reflect the card- but then, who doesn’t love a card with a little irony thrown in for good measure. Or maybe it’s simple rebellion? You decide!

This beautiful set is called ‘Christmas Corners’ and there are two largish corners so you can increase the images per card and do both corners if you so desired.


Inspired by the last lot of no-line colouring I attempted, I decided to do it again. Using a combo of Metro Grey Nuvo Ink, Nuvo Alcohol Markers and Prismacolors works well. When you get the set, there aren’t any juggling balls…but that’s because they’re holly berries 😉

In real life, these mice faces are altogether cuter, but I couldn’t work out a way of re-stamping that didn’t involve masking. Truthfully, I should have made more effort, but I’m a bit like the family in this house on Christmas Eve.

The true situation on Christmas Eve is rarely like the quote. Have you ever seen a house where everyone is neatly off to bed at a reasonable hour and no one wakes excitedly because it’s nearly Christmas? Nope, me neither.

We won’t talk about the Christmas Eves where I’m regularly peeling carrots alongside the rather late televised Christmas carol service. Nor shall we mention the time that I forgot the ginger cake for the special stuffing, or that time when the defrosted turkey ended up being rancid and we had no turkey at all 😂

These two little guys are in a typical ( yet not typical household) where no one is stirring EXCEPT the mice. They were getting a little bored of not stirring and decided to explore the surroundings that had changed recently. All of their usual mouse holes had been disturbed. The little entry into the living room had been obscured by a green spiky tree that had magically come indoors. Ben couldn’t see where its roots were but Barty insisted that this was just the magic of Christmas, and anyway, his girth was increasing due to a preponderance of mince pie crumbs in the family kitchen and he didn’t really fit into the lounge mouse-hole presently.

Ben rather loved that they no longer had to squint to see around the house, as it was lit up like a night sky. Barty had complained that all that twinkling was giving him a headache, but Ben said the lights made him smile and have a warm feeling inside his tummy. It really was a mouse paradise. The house was cluttered with brightly coloured parcels. No matter where you went, there was ribbon to chew and treats to consume. The parent’s wardrobe doors hardly closed as they had become storage cupboards for more ribbon wrapped gifts. All the extra bits and bobs meant that mice were harder to discover and even the resident house cat Thomas remained asleep for longer. Barty reckoned it was due to something called ‘festive spirit’ that made humans give their pets more food and smile a little longer. Ben wished that this generosity would extend to mice, but was content with the ‘brandy laced all butter mince pies’ that kept appearing on side plates after meals. He wondered why people bought them when so many were left until February and invariably made into a strange ice cream, but it was a welcome change from stale multigrain loaves.

They had seen enough Christmases to know that Christmas Eve was one of the most frenetic days in the year. He heard Mr Jones muttering under his breath that he’d better keep the receipt as the necklace would end up back at the shop and overheard the children giggling that they’d managed to peek at one of their presents and made it look like no-one had touched it. The sideboard filled up with tins of items that looked like individual miniature stained glass windows and there were mountains of foodstuffs that had gotten larger since October in a plastic bag that Mrs Jones called ‘Christmas food’. Their older relative had called several times in the past few days with oddly shaped biscuits and some off smelling substance they’d called ‘Eggnog’. Barty said it was there as a punishment for the children but Ben felt sure it was something to clean the toilet with.

As the house filled up, there was a little corner with an old wooden stable. It contained lots of woolly Christmas characters and Ben proudly told Barty that they were what Christmas was really about. Ben had visited a church last year and heard the children as they put on a nativity. Barty felt sure it wasn’t right, but was willing to be proved wrong. As that evening wore on, they ran out of things to do. Something inside told them that they should be still, like statues, but Ben said that that was boring. So he picked off some of the berries from Mrs Jones’ perfectly positioned floral display and proceeded to practice juggling. Barty was very impressed and wanted to try. He was utterly useless. Ben grabbed the berries so violently from Barty that a few went spinning across the room and cracked against some of the Christmas lights. Such was the force that one of the tiny vintage lights shattered. Now a brighter light without its glass decoration was shining down into the wooden stable. It was like a spotlight onto the little baby in the middle. Ben knew that it was the perfect accident and was shining on the one who was the ‘reason for the season’ as Mrs Jones said. Barty looked on thoughtfully and wondered if Ben had been right all along…

As is the Teaser’s custom, please visit the Clearly Besotted blog along with Joy Taylor, Lisa Tilson and Michelle Short.

I’ll see you tomorrow with something more tuneful! x

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4 Comments Add your own

  • 1. michshort  |  September 28, 2019 at 8:27 am

    Aww, so cute, Keren! Your no-line colouring is fantastic! Lovey story as always xx


  • 2. Lisa Tilson  |  September 28, 2019 at 8:55 am

    What a wonderful story! You have caught the spirit of Christmas perfectly Keren with your delightful observations and of course the ending. I burst out laughing at cleaning the toilet with eggnog!! I’ve never tried it, never liked the look of it 😂 xx


  • 3. conil  |  September 28, 2019 at 8:08 pm

    Another delightful narrative for your truly beautiful card. Sweet, funny and touching all at once. Looks like you’ve mastered the no-line technique quickly (something I aspire to). The juggler mouse is such a show off it’s no wonder Barty got envious and wanted to try, too. Love that you got in the “reason for the season’, as well.


  • 4. Ruth  |  October 3, 2019 at 11:55 am

    You are so right about the whole reason for the season AND the fact that you probably should only clean the toilet with EggNogg!!! xx

    Liked by 1 person


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