Autumn & Busy Days!

October 9, 2013 at 5:15 pm 6 comments

Where is the week going? I was supposed to have posted and then time sped on. Big kudos to you daily posters!
This was another card for Make The Day Special. I love this Harvest of Memories set- yet when I first saw it- I thought it wouldn’t see much ink!!
I’ve suspended the leaves from thread sandwiched between two rectangles of cardstock raised off the card with double layered foam pads.
The second one was for a challenge I was just too late for

This one is best described as a ‘cluster’ card. All the elements squished into one teeny incey space. Adds lots of texture and dimension without it becoming too cluttered!

Family life is amusing and frustrating in equal measures.
On the one hand I’m delving into pastures new and still trying to keep ‘The Wobbly Ship Baker’ ( as opposed to The Good Ship Baker)from running aground.
It is clear that I don’t really have enough hours in the day. An average day- like yesterday which involved trying to get back home quickly but was scuppered by the fact I had to remove a bike led overnight at the boys school.
They were doing a bike safety type day. I feared a little when one of mine ( not entirely used to his new bike) fell headlong into my car after a wobble. We managed to adjust the gears ( too high) and the brakes ( out of reach- which explained his inability to stop properly and makes sense of his throwing himself at the railings). Thanks to his gutsy efforts, he passed the day and so in light of the fact I can’t fit 5 kids and a bike in the car, I’d left it overnight in school.
Retrieving it was somewhat more complex. It was immeshed with other bikes and despite it falling towards the window and interrupting the pre-school group clarinet lesson- I managed it.
I was greeted by a ping on my phone informing me that I had been texted by daughter no.3 who’d left her art folder at home.
Once home and bike removed, I pootled off to her school ( opposite direction) to deliver the said folder. It actually becomes quite embarrassing. It’s like YOU need to be apologetic to the staff for bringing it in.
Back home and some crafty jobs/copy later I got an email asking if I’d take a job on that required a substantial logistical challenge involving my lovely parents, lovely husband and me.
With that sorted, I embarked out to deliver an overdue parcel & cash a cheque.
After the humungous queue in the Post Office. I stopped off at the traffic lights waiting for the signal. People are regularly ‘missed’ by other cars as they come around the corner not expecting pedestrians to be sauntering across. I stand and wait dutifully ( partly because I know how scary it is swinging around the corner and meeting pedestrians who look at you crossly like its their right to be crossing). As I waited and got ‘why are you waiting to cross, you’re such a rule-keeper’ type stares from the ‘I’m about to get run over’ pedestrians. I was pointed at by a vet wobbly man. He managed to cover an extraordinarily large part of the crossing due to his ‘shimmying’. In an inebriated tone, he explained that he loved me.
I smiled.
Should you ever be flattered by that? Probably not. The poor man was not in full control of his mind.
It made me smile anyhow.
Once I returned to the car and was unable to go back up the road because a young teenager was too busy smoking and chatting to her boyfriend and wouldn’t move the car from the absolute middle of the road, I went to school.
The kids were their usual slightly ( underestimate) tired selves. Once two had been sent to their beds I realised that son no.2 had a spelling test. I promised they could come down earlier if they made up and helped each other with spellings.
I even got them to set the table out of it.
Once tea was cooked and just about to sit down, Id forgotten that daughter no.3 needed picking up from across the city.
Back in the car. Watched the last 15 mins of daughter’s film night and returned home. Now this daughter, having not been home yet and unable to do homework realised she had a test the next day. At 8:45 she wasn’t going to get far. It was about revising which rivers ended up in which sea.
Thankfully I kept my mouth shut before I acknowledged that it was a fairly useless test, she flounced off to bed.
Another child was busy planning her future and deciding to visit nearly every sixth form on the planet and so I sat down to work.
I sat there for 5 mins with my head in my hands ( propped up for tiredness). Alas, before 5 mins were up, my eyes began to shut and I declared time.
I actually went to bed.

You do NOT want to hear about today- but I will show you a picture!


See you after I’ve made the pastry case again! xx


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Autumn & Birthdays! Barny & The Urban Adventure (minus the snail)!

6 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Monika  |  October 10, 2013 at 3:46 pm

    Hi Keren. Just counted my blessings not to have had your day. Hope you’ve recovered somewhat! Love your cards, especially the leaves in suspension. Have a lovely less stressful day. hugs Monika xxx


  • 2. Patricia Loftus  |  October 10, 2013 at 4:44 pm

    Hi Keren I just love your blogs!!, the cards are brilliant, simple but sooo effective, and the family tales are a hoot, they would make a great TV show!!!! Bike wrestling! Car pedestrian dodging! Baking breaks! luv, em!. Dont know if you will be at Leigh this weekend, if you are, may see you Saturday. Hugs. Luv Pat (Rhyl) xx


  • 3. Bev  |  October 10, 2013 at 9:26 pm

    First, your card is completely lovely. The cluster is sweet and done in sweet green tones. Really like it! I can remember having days like yours when my kids were young. Some days, DH and I should have been 3 people in order to be everywhere we needed to be. It slows down eventually…Sounds like your life is full of spirit and love. Nice. Hope tomorrow is quieter and the dog doesn’t get anymore treats. Bev


  • 4. Bev  |  October 10, 2013 at 9:26 pm

    P.S. Your ‘falling leaves’ card is amazing! Love it.


  • 5. vickiscraft  |  October 12, 2013 at 10:11 am

    Oh joy, I’m worn out reading it… Well meet your mate (as they say) we too are currently going to various 6th form open evenings, something I could really do without. I’m pleased they are bothered enough about there future to make the effort but time is precious! :0
    I absolutely adore your cards, they are fab!

    Dare I say ‘have a good weekend!’ 😉 xx


  • 6. Ros Crawford  |  October 12, 2013 at 11:48 am

    I’m absolutely exhausted … That’s just reading your post! LOVE your cards … At least your creative talent still shines through … take care my friend!



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