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August 31, 2013 at 5:57 pm 3 comments


Hope you’re all having a good week. I have a simple card using a sketch from Avery Elle’s blog.
This was the sketch provided by Nina Yang 20130831-170445.jpg it’s a great sketch that could be interpreted so many different ways but I decided to tweak it a little.
I’ve used some masking to create all the little peanut line up and then some white gel pen for accents. Add some shadow with a light grey pen and then created some subway style sentiments and some Echo Park (Alison Kreft) papers.
In case any of you are confused- I changed my mind. My post went up yesterday with the offering at the bottom of this post. It wouldn’t reinsert here (good job- I hated it)! Do you ever make something, post it and then hate it?! Well I did- so quickly redid one and prefer the successor!

The challenge is here– I’m often sliding in for these challenges last minute! If you’ve time, join in- it ends late tomorrow.

I’ve been caused to reflect recently about how the instances of me getting spilt on are increasing. Any regular blog readers would have read about the chemical toilet incident.
However, I neglected to tell you about the public toilet debacle. I was only reminded about this the other night when after visiting the bathroom I decided to turn off the light before actually leaving the room. I also thought it would be nice to spray a little lavender room fragrance and neglected to think about the consequences.
Aiming the nozzle at the room I sprayed and got a nasty shock. The nozzle was in fact pointing at my face. Whilst there is no light, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to judge where the hole actually is. Fortunately it missed my eyes, but I smelled violently of a lavender field for quite some while and the gag-inducing taste isn’t one I’d recommend.
It made me think about a quick trip to the public conveniences in Port Talbot whilst on holiday.
I decided to pop in whilst passing- the sign said 20p.
I fumbled around for some change but in the meanwhile a lady was coming out and said to me I didn’t need to pay. Having no change I was somewhat relieved and assumed I’d be getting in to a clean facility.
I was wearing boots. Sensible flat shoes with not so sensible very long jeans. When I saw the amount of water ( or at least I was hoping that’s all it was) I immediately starting tip toeing and wishing I was wearing my usual heels.
Eventually I found a toilet that a) had a door, b) had a toilet seat but sadly didn’t have toilet paper. 2 out of 3 is reasonable? For 20p?
Maybe for 30p they might have managed all 3?!
Once I came to wash my hands, it was then I made a schoolboy error. Instead of waiting behind the mum and several small children I thought I’d visit the free washing facility.
It was one of those all in one features. The ones that not only wet your hands, dispense soap but also send a jet of warm air all from the same area.
What I didn’t think too deeply about was the puddle of water already remaining in the bottom.
Normally they’re empty. I assumed this one was slow draining or perhaps worked differently and would release the water once the next lot came through.
I began the cycle.
The soap came out fine.
The water began coming out. The sink part was looking a little full.
Then the hurricane came.
The full throttle force of the warm air not only dried me but deposited a substantial amount of the dirty water on me and my clothes.
I jumped back- which was more tricky as I was still standing on my tip toes.
I didn’t really want to think about just how dirty the water was, that I’d had thrown over me.
I looked wet and a mess.
Feeling frustrated and looking like Dame Wash-a-lot from the Magic Faraway tree had sent me some suds, I emerged from the not-so-convenient convenience to a round of sniggers.
I soothed myself with the knowledge that I hadn’t actually paid 20pence and pitied the poor souls who’d shelled out for that kind of treatment.
Human Splashback.
That’s me.
If its going somewhere, it quite likely could be down MY clothes.
There are many lessons to be learned.
Several I’m sure you could come up with.
Suffice to say, I’m looking out for heeled wellingtons, spare 20 pences, possibly a She-wee and definitely hand sanitiser.

Whoever said my life wasn’t exciting clearly has spent little time hanging around our family.
See you soon, when I’ve avoided all public facilities 😊 xx



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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Marilyn Kroeker  |  September 1, 2013 at 3:16 am

    Hi Keren;
    Your “Love in a Manger Card” in the holiday cards magazine is stunning! Will you please tell me the source of your sentiment die and where I can order it?


    • 2. kerenbaker  |  September 1, 2013 at 5:39 pm

      Hi Marilyn! Thanks so much for the lovely comment. It’s a shape I created on my Silhouette Cameo software. Do you have a silhouette and I could try and convert the file for you xx


  • 3. Ros Crawford  |  September 1, 2013 at 10:26 am

    I wondered where this card had gone … but I agree … I do like the first one best … Love those cute peanuts and your masking and shading is wonderful!
    Oh those public conveniences … (wrong name I think) Sometimes I wonder what era we are in and what country … I hope you wrote to the council and complained …



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