Bee Mine & Royal Fail!

July 23, 2013 at 7:23 am 6 comments

BeemineI’m up on the Make The Day Special blog this morning and somewhere else a little later (once the US has gotten out of bed ;-)- you’ll find out where in my second post of the day . Yes, amidst the ‘buzz’ of the media and everyone’s happiness at the birth of new little royal, I’m celebrating with these 3 little bees. I would like to explain the significance of the three- it’s the 3 heirs to the throne- a fact not been repeated since over 100 years. The red, white and blue are of course entirely British & evocative of the Union Jack and the yellow is a softer colour reminding us of the little baby himself. The hearts are there for obvious reasons, and the twine….. well if you really believe that I made this card in honour of the royal birth, you need your head examining!!!

It’s a gorgeous little Lawn Fawn set & despite this card being a publication reject- I still like it.

I was supposed to have told you the story of Royal Mail, or I’m afraid it’s Royal Fail as far as I’m concerned. Whilst the two sets of royal (one the mailing institution and the other, the royal family) are entirely different, the fact you’ve had to wait for the story is suitably ironic.

Some of you will know that my eldest has finished her exams and the exciting summer she’d envisaged didn’t quite work out due a certain lack of funds. Despite a massive effort both in terms of ringing to find vacancies, delivering CV’s, one interview and plenty of odd jobs, the girly was still in need of employment. A tough call really. Most people do not want to take on 16 year olds for fairly obvious reasons. Yes, I’m biased, but she’s hardworking and reliable. However her age and lack of experience has got in the way.

We received a phonecall asking for her passport- out of the blue, she’d managed to get an interview at the place where she was staying for a few day’s holiday. For the sake of the postie, I shall keep this story geographically secret, but the passport was required to prove her identity & by Saturday afternoon, all Post Offices tend to be closed and as the passport was needed for Tuesday morning I knew it would have to go Special Delivery. (see, even the story has echoes of baby Royal!).

Upon presenting the valuable passport, perfectly packaged, I was hit with a bill. Well, not really, but the shock brought me up quite short.

£17.64 for next day delivery.

It weighed very little. It took up very little space (sounds like this baby again!!).

Really and truly it was more than I was expecting. However, to give her a chance for a job, I was prepared to fork out. The promise was clear- before 9:30am guaranteed.

I have a tendency to think that a guarantee is what is purports to be. The very helpful lady in the local Post Office warned me that delivery can start as early so I should warn the recipients to up by 7:15 in case.

The interview was at 11am. They were leaving a little after 10am. There was little room for error. But hey- I’d paid out all this money and it was guaranteed. What a plan.

I checked at 9am. No passport.

9:30am – still nothing.

I tracked the parcel online. It delivered a shocking claim ‘attempted delivery at 08:41’.

I rang the people who own the house. Are you sure you couldn’t have missed it. No, they replied, its a small house, three of us were up since 7:15 and the kitchen directly looks out onto the car port. You can see the front door and they were having breakfast in the kitchen at that time.

Royal Mail customer service were apologetic. Well it says its been delivered. It will be back on the van now. I protested that it was crucial and my daughter needed it before 11am. ‘Oh, the van won’t get back before that time’.

So that I don’t bore you silly- here’s the précised version

Royal mail lady’ they’ll have left a note’

Rang the people. No note. Nothing.

Rang Royal Mail back- we’ll put your problem onto an accelerated position. I complained that I’d be one of many & we were time critical. Manager called. She’d chase it.

Meanwhile- the very document that RM claimed to have attempted to have delivered one hour ago suddenly arrived on a bicycle. Well, no, the passport wasn’t riding a bike, but the postie was. He’d suffered a puncture in the van. So he’d had to ride – and the are is rural and large.

I was incensed. Somebody had made out the people weren’t in & they’d tried to deliver. Sadly, this was blatantly untrue.

Manager rings me back. I explain. I ask who has been lying? She reckons its the local postman. I’m not convinced. Manager insists that any complaints should be made from the other people.

‘No’, I retort. ‘I paid £17.64 for this. It’s guaranteed. You didn’t deliver and someone tried to make out we were lying. I paid, so I will register a complaint now please.

What about the money, I hear you ask? Well I can claim it back. All I have to do?

Go to my local Post Office, collect form P58, fill it in and submit it.

I went this week to get the form. The PO was shut.

Due to a technical problem.  I reckon they’d shut just to stop me getting the refund 😉

Lessons learned. Use a courier. Give your daughter the money you’d have spent on the special delivery instead and sack the interview. Finally, making phonecalls to chase up lost documents before 9:30am isn’t the greatest way to calmly start the day.

I’m going now. I’ve gone off Royal Mail. Can you tell?!!!

See you shortly- there’s another post coming today (and mine will turn up on time!!) xx


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6 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Monika  |  July 23, 2013 at 9:09 am

    Hi Keren. Sorry story. Know what it feels like to chase Royal Mail. Will keep fingers crossed that your eldest gets the job!!! Hugs Monika xxx


  • 2. Ros Crawford  |  July 23, 2013 at 10:45 am

    This is a lovely card … Heaven knows why it was rejected … sorry about your story … I think we all have one to tell where RM are concerned … Like you I got the forms to fill in thinking they would never arrive either and then mysteriously my packages arrived ..
    Hope the rest of your week goes well. xxx


  • 3. Carole  |  July 23, 2013 at 3:31 pm

    Lovely card and keeping my fingers crossed that your daughter gets a job very soon. Hugs C x


  • 4. StephInOK  |  July 23, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    I am so sorry you had to go through all that! I truly hope your daughter finds a job soon! It’s terrible how people lie to cover their lack of responsibility! Your card is beautiful! 🙂


  • 5. pinnednpenned  |  December 9, 2013 at 9:45 pm

    Your voice really comes through in your posts; love reading them! What I really love is the simplicity, colors, & composition of this card, which I just noted over at the challenge! Did she get the job? I hear employment rates for teens/youth are terrible throughout the EU.


  • 6.  |  December 14, 2013 at 9:33 pm

    That is a lot of frustration! but on the bright side, this card is pretty awesome!!



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