Ahoy Card & Tesco Bun Fight!

April 25, 2013 at 8:44 am 1 comment


Good morning- or should I say ‘Ahoy There’! With the weather improving here’s a little project that makes me think ‘summer’. Whilst it may already have come and gone – it would be lovely to imagine balmy beaches & some quiet downtime.
Anyway- away from the dreaming – here’s some brand new product available from May from DoCrafts. Suitably titled ‘Ahoy There’ there’s papers, tags, lovely stamps featuring lighthouses, beach huts, ship steering wheel thingys ( what are those called?!!), knots, waves etc. this card is mostly stamped onto patterned paper with some paper piecing. Fun.

It never ceases to amaze me what I end up witnessing. I recently read a quote that a good author can see 5-6 ideas a day for a story simply from watching around them. Well I’m not planning on writing a story anytime soon- but here’s an amusing story that I hope not to be a part of in a hurry.

So- I’m out. I’ve been to pick up No.4 from a friends. We got chatting. It got quite late. Now I’m quite a stickler for bedtimes ordinarily but ‘nice mummy’ combined with ‘chilled mummy’ came out of the cupboard & I decide to get diesel for Steve’s car ( yes, I was driving it- I didn’t fill up gas containers!!). I then threw caution to the wind and popped into the shop as I was running low on basics.

Son no.4 thought this was great and as we wandered around Tesco, I noticed an animated gathering of people. Not wanting to miss out on excitement due to my often humdrum existence 😉 we sidled closer for an inspection.
Well, it was in fact a guy reducing down food. I’ve never really seen a mini crowd in Tesco and they were so close they were practically hugging him.
My interest piqued, I nudged forward.
I like to watch.
I scoped out the competition.
There was a girl a similar age to me: her trolley containing lots of reduced veg. She had a pleasant smile & seemed chilled.
I turned my attention to a couple who had a determined stance. They were poised & both had baskets. Aha- a tag team I realised. They were joking but had those scary type of eyes that say ‘don’t mess with what we’re doing’. Another pair were obviously a mother and daughter and looked like they did this regularly.
The last woman was, for want of a better word scary. You’ll see why shortly.
As the poor Tesco bloke slapped reduction stickers on the food, he lashed them into large green baskets next to him. What happened next was quite surprising.
It was akin to what happens when you put food in a tank full of piranhas. The fish look chilled until the food hits the surface and they all go a little rabid.
Rabid was a frenzied understatement.
The customers were plunging, ducking and diving.
Then -silence whilst they waited for the next instalment.
I had to watch from the back. I couldn’t bring myself to dive in. After all, son no4 was with me. Not sure what he’d have made of his mother joining a food scrum. I did however edge a little closer.
Then the duck breasts came out.

The smiley girl went to take them. Scary lady also went down. Smiley was first but Scary snatched it. The picture of a bird of prey swooping down on its kill was a perfect comparison.But, the fiercest Peregrine Falcon had nothing on this woman.
Smiley looked up and caught my eye. She was as incredulous as I was. She graciously shrugged & let the Bird of Prey female take the spoil.
I could not believe it. Even the member of staff looked disapprovingly and remarked “stop fighting please”.
Another member of staff walked outside from the staff quarters and muttered something unprintable under his breath.
At this point there was a sense of camaraderie between us both. I was still not wading in. Smiley lady had a renewed sense of justice, ploughed through, grabbed a load of stuff and started offering them around. I had managed to pick up some eggs by this point and Smiley passed me a crazily cheap pack of beef burgers.
Still feeling shocked by it- I decided to plough on. As we returned that way- the crowd were still there. Stuff was now being reduced further. The eggs had gone from £1.19 to 20 pence (& they were originally £2.00).
I swopped my eggs and couldn’t believe the amount in Scary’s trolley. Lots of people could have benefitted from the bargains- she had a TON. The other experienced couple were so keen to jump forward that they had actually just broken a part of the fish frozen section!
Those were some ruthless reduction hunters.
Drama at Tesco; who’d have thought it? Grown up women having a bun fight!
They need to issue tickets next time !!

Better go, have some reduced mince to make a meal with 😉

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  • 1. Ros Crawford  |  April 25, 2013 at 2:14 pm

    I Love your card! I love anything nautical and this is just brilliant … The waves are fabulous!
    Many moons ago I worked in Sainsbury … each Saturday before we closed (early in those days) I had to put out the reduced breads … I would push out the trolly, duck and run for my life! It was just as you say … Piranas! I did however always save some loaves for the few elderly folk that never got a look in and always reduced theirs a little more! My hubby loves the reduced … not that he’s up to fighting but he’s tall … that always helps!



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