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Hey! I’m just doing some blog reorganising -so apologies if you read this yesterday!..

‘Togetherness’ is sometimes a forced commodity. It rarely seems to happen particularly when youve teens/tweens with both their own agendas and tightly scheduled personal lives. We decided to go out on Monday. It was Easter after all, and Steve had a rare day off.

Not wanting to go really far, we plumped for the lighthouse walk near Hale Village which, despite the potential of being thrown off the cliffs due to the merciless wind, is still a lovely ramble.

Trying to get teenagers out for a walk sometimes is like trying to shoehorn the whole of Buckingham palace into our small bathroom. It aint gonna happen. That day, we cajoled successfully despite protestations and general mumbles and groans. We had been remiss in not doing an Easter egg hunt. Our tween was in fact remonstrating us for most of the weekend. I had a daft and secret plan. I’ll come onto that.

We’re walking down a private footpath, wonderfully hedged either side with Hawthorn. I was actually enjoying myself despite not being able to feel my extremities. Furthermore, I decided to do an impromptu ‘hunt’. I simply gently let some eggs ‘slide’ out of my pocket, trying to be all nonchalant about it and hoping they wouldn’t notice it was me. Yeah, ridiculous notion.

The bottom three got very excited. I in fact broke into a run. lashing eggs out in front of me & smiling as the family actually were having fun.

Well, that lasted all of 30 seconds.

The lure of flying confectionery was so great that there was a head-on collision.

Both kiddos sprawled on the floor & one crying.

Before I even attempted to say it was all ok, I could see the blood and ripped jeans from where I stood.

Steve was unimpressed with the frivolity. It was an accident waiting to happen. The tween was wailing very loudly. She refused to move. I’m not sure what distressed her more, the pain, blood or the fact that her favourite jeans were ripped. Steve tried to console her with the promise of replacing the jeans but of course, she wouldn’t be placated. Those jeans were perfect and she wouldn’t be able to find any others. Ever.

The sorry straggler made it back to the car. All of 3 minutes it took. There were some highly amused onlookers. There always are. Somebody is definitely following us around for a laugh.

We sat in the car. Wails had reduced to sobs & the oldies were in fact relishing the warmth and cutshortedness of forced outing. We however, we not to be thwarted. There was another destination nearby.

Cue more groans.

We arrived, started walking and a strange air fell upon our merry band. It was the sound of conversation & smiles (if there is a smile sound- I definitely heard it!!). We laughed & oohed and aahed at the overhead planes. We got lost in a maze & they played in a playground. The kids illegally picked wild flowers (& I told them off afterwards!!) and we had some togetherness.

Took a while- but got there in the end. I think teenagers just need warming up to the idea.

We went home and warmed ourselves up with some tea and scones and pretended we were a normal family!


See you when I’ve finished pretending… xx


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  • 1. tsurutadesigns  |  April 4, 2013 at 5:32 pm

    oh no….glad everybody is okay.


  • 2. karen123abc  |  April 4, 2013 at 7:16 pm

    This will be even more entertaining as a memory a few years from now!


  • 3. TiaraHelen  |  April 7, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    Hee hee, glad it all ended happily….I look forward to seeing the scrap book page of this event!



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