Pan Pastels Card & Silent Screaming.

November 22, 2012 at 12:16 pm 3 comments

Here’s the ‘not-quite-me’ card using pan pastels and mica powders, flitterglu and silver flakes. The stamp set was free from the workshop ( always a bonus!) and the powders etc were Indigo Blu’s supplies at the workshop.
There. I might be brave again one of these days.

Right now I’m struggling with a giant. Little me versus a website.
The might of Tesco. Or its website to be exact.
They’ve been having difficulties.
Hmm. Me too.
Do they love taking my money?! Oh yes. I’ve never had a problem paying.
Do they want to make it easy to get a deal with them. Not so much.

First the initial difficulty. They like to chuck you randomly off the site. Just after you’ve signed in, found an item and clicked on it- whoaa- all of a sudden they don’t know who you are and ask you to sign in again.
And again.
And just in case you’ve forgotten whom you are; again. Sign in please.

Now, would you like to join our marvellous Clubcard Exchange scheme says the retailer?
Me? ‘Oh yes please’.
Just input all of the ridiculously long and pesky codes that you can’t click via a link- nope, you need to write them all down.
I got to the end.
The website won’t allow you to redeem those.
So today, a week later I try again. I’m a tryer.
Today they have saved my items from the previous attempt and I go through the whole process to find the evouchers waiting for me.
I go into my checkout list.
Not so good.
2 of my items have mysteriously increased in price and the main one is out of stock.
Arrgggh. Hmm.
The cynic in me could conclude it was an act to get me to pay more.
Anyhow- I find the large item elsewhere cheaper.
I put everything in my basket.
It only lets me input 3 codes. I try all 9.

I ring someone.
I ring someone else.
I wait for a long time.
I get cut off.
I wait and speak to someone.
I need to spend more money apparently. Funny that.
I dutifully add another small thing.
Still can’t use the vouchers.
I wait a ridiculously long time and speak to someone. The items in my basket are incorrect. I can’t use the vouchers with those items. Ok. That one was my error.
I remove said items.
I have ONE item left in my basket.
I go to pay. It accepts my vouchers.

No yay.
“Sorry. We can’t place your order at the moment. We’re trying to fix the problem as soon as possible. Please try again later”.
Tesco. I do not love you.
Amazon; straight in- straight ordered. No problems.
Tesco- check out Amazon. They’re so much better and I’ve not wasted 3 hours ( I kid you not) with still nothing to show for it.

Rant over.
Calm restored.
I’m going to shop at Poundland this Christmas. Do you think the kids will mind?!!!

See you when I’ve tried again. And again. And no doubtledly again. It’s enough to drive me as a Christmas lover completely and utterly bah humbug! xx


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  • 1. Ros Crawford  |  November 22, 2012 at 12:39 pm

    You did a great job with those pastels and powder … always good to try something new …
    As for your rant … Sheesh! I had the same problem with Sainsburys … I was only ordering from them ‘cos they had my coffee on offer … I can’t get it in the local store … so I order 8 boxes (2 for £3 … normally £2.49 a box) After the frustrations and phone calls … I finally get the order through … on delivery … no coffee … it had not put it on the order even though I “clicked”. Ok, so I do another order (min £40 to get lower delivery charge) again I put the coffee on … double check this time to be sure … Order accepted and arrives … only 3 boxes of coffee! No more were in stock the man says … So I am charged FULL price for one of these … Grrrrr!! Sticking to Asda for deliveries in future …
    Have a great day!!


  • 2. tsurutadesigns  |  November 22, 2012 at 2:09 pm

    Your card is gorgeous…it’s fun trying different looks!

    I had to google Tesco and Poundland….good thing since for some reason I was thinking Tesco was a gas station and Poundland sounded like it might involve house pets…LOL. You have more patience than I do…I get so frustrated with websites that don’t work.


  • 3. alicecarman  |  November 24, 2012 at 9:15 pm

    Been looking forward to using a couple of the Pans I picked up so thanks for posting this. Very clever and so cute!



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