World Card Making Day & Free Haircut !

October 5, 2012 at 9:59 pm 6 comments

 Hey! Happy World Card Making Day! I realise that I’m a full 3 hours too early, but I’m going to be packing the day a little too much to fit in a post right on time.

Hope you’re doing something fun and creative- after all you have a fabulous excuse! This card is made from teeny parts of some supplies as to have used the whole shebang would have been OTT in a bad way. However, with a little restraint and a bit of mitred edges (don’t do the whole zooming in thing- trust me, the corners arent so pretty close up!), it has a pared back look that I like.

I wanted to post one of the cards I’m demoing tomorrow, but the light went before I had the chance!

Todays episode of ‘how I manage to bring ridiculousness to my existence’ centres around my hair. I’m totally useless at keeping regular visits to the hairdressers, in fact whereas some women keep on top of their locks, I see it as treat to be enjoyed occasionally. My wayward hair and increasing split ends however, were starting to get on my nerves. On one spare 10 minutes the other day, my fingers happened to type ‘how to cut a bob yourself’ and so the tale begins

YouTube is a wonderful thing. Used in moderation there is little that you cannot discover or learn. I too learned that cutting your hair solo was not just entirely possible but in fact down right easy. How, you ask, well with a little blue gadget that kinda clips onto your hair, with little plastic teeth to grip your hair-strands and even a spirit level for you to check you’d got things straight!In fact, the tutorial was just plain inspiring.

I clocked the camera angles- checking that there hadn’t been clever editing so that the camera trickery was indeed responsible for the apparent simplicity. All I needed was a hair trimmer, this ‘thingummyjig’ and a brush. I didn’t have the gadget, but quickly realised that it was a glorified plastic food clip. Ooh, I thought, I have  a large bag of those from Ikea.

I’d dug them out and left them in my room. I actually tried it in my hair to see if it fitted snugly enough and then chickened out. No way was I buying the tool, but something (which was probably the sane and rational part of my brain) was telling me it could go really and dramatically wrong.

This morning, I chose to be brave. It was 7am and I knew I had 10 minutes to attempt it….. Fool.

I dug out Steve’s hair clippers which have seen plenty of action. Not so much in recent times- due to being banned from using them; one child, sudden move of head, seriously wonky haircut. Another story!

I stood at the mirror. I positioned my hair just as I’d been directed. Something told me to stop. Right now. Have some sense girl.

I then had to take out the small mirror into the bathroom, use it to check the back of my head- that it was straight and the hair evenly disributed along the food bag clip. My eldest double checked for me, although as she’d not seen the instructional video, I wondered about her ability to discern. I rushed back to the bedroom and stood holding the razor. Let me explain, its actually not as easy as the video reckons. Firstly I dont have rubberised arms- they don’t move 360 degrees. Secondly, a little fear was starting to kick in. The idea was that you ‘simply’ shave the hair sticking out of the clip and voila. I was slightly peturbed with the niggly doubt that being unable to see properly, I may end up shaving the wrong side of my clip and having an Annie Lennox style ‘do’. I at this point had begun. I knew the hair had to remain absolutely in the same position or instead of an assymetrical bob, it would be an assymetrical abstract mess.

I got half way and got a little stuck. William at this point couldn’t understand why there was hair all over the floor and insisted that the hair was speaking to him. It was speaking to me also- it was saying ‘nutter, what did you do that for!’. With some difficulty, I got to the end. I had pulled it down a little further than the YouTube example with the logic that if it all went horribly wrong ,there’d be a little more length for someone to ‘right’. You can appreciate that I was a bit nervous and excited to open up the clip.


Oh yes, it had worked. Suzie did point out that there was one stray ‘higherthantherest’ layer evident. But there had to be some collateral damage.

Free haircut. In 10 minutes. Thankyou YouTube.

Ikea- your food clips rock!

So now, I’m off to gather all my demoing materials. Wish me luck. See you when I’ve made 100 Christmas cards (not!) xx


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Bottle-top card & WOYWW! Merry & Bright and Proof!

6 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Monika  |  October 5, 2012 at 10:19 pm

    Hi Keren. Great card. Admire you courage, I would have bottled out big time. Good luck for tomorrow, will keep fingers crossed. 🙂 xxx


  • 2. TiaraHelen  |  October 5, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    Ke-ren! The woman who is brave enough to cut her own hair is brave enough to post a photo to share it with her bloggy friends!!! … isn’t she????


  • 3. Karen B.  |  October 6, 2012 at 2:14 am

    Your posts always crack me up! What a good story teller you are! I hear congratulations are in order too, on your first acceptance from Paper Crafts!


  • 4. Virginia Lu  |  October 6, 2012 at 3:19 am

    Happy World Card Making Day, Keren! This is the day that we live for, right!? (LOL)! I love the composition of your Christmas card! Each placement is so prefect! I love the hair cut story…as much as I like to take matters into my own hands, I haven’t attempted to cut my own (too much at stake if you ask me!). Glad that you are happy with yours! And congrats on your first PC acceptance–that is so awesome!


  • 5. Ros Crawford  |  October 6, 2012 at 6:42 pm

    Oh my goodness … I held my breath from the moment you started to put those clips in your hair … I was nearly blue when you finished … Am I RELIEVED that it went well … well done to you! And I love your card by the way …


  • 6. ~amy~  |  October 8, 2012 at 3:44 am

    pictures…we wanna see pictures….or maybe you posted them…hold on….nope, I double checked as I’m behind on my blog reading…you crack me up! I can’t begin to imagine how that all worked but I’m happy that it did.

    Love your card and hope your class was EXcellent.



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