Christmas Tree Card & Half Term antics

October 27, 2011 at 12:12 pm 3 comments

I’m in the middle of planning a Christmas series for the beginning of November. Kinda like a 12 Days of Crafting Christmas. Here’s an idea of the sort of thing I’ll be doing; clean and simple(ish!). I’ve actually delved into the cute (completely new for me!) too. If you sign up for email notifications on the right further down, you’ll know exactly when it starts. Im not doing just cards, there’ll be all sorts!

Onto this card- this is one of the ones I sent into Stampin’Up! I actually got picked outta the hat to win a stamp set as a result so that was a really nice little leaving surprise from them! I adore these cute trees- they could have hearts, pearls, or rhinestones decorating them. Christmas cards just don’t have to be in traditional colours- so add some bright zing into them. The spotty vibe is still there.

The middle tree is raised using 3D foam so it looks different to the other two and helps the colour shine through the holes. Because there’s a matching punch, its nice and easy to create. The shaped layers are just small cut off sections of a Top Note die.

Family life has ground down to a ‘waiting in for the man’ situation. Thankfully we now have a gleaming new window. This led to wiping away even more tiny shards of glass, cleaning away the bright pink fingerprinting dust and this in turn led to the realisation that the other window was woefully dirty so I had to clean that one too. In preparation for the replacement window, I had to clean up the glass from the back garden. As I was there I hung my head in shame at the  garden as I ‘d abysmally neglected it over the summer (well, we hardly had one did we?!). A whole lot of cleaning. Too much. I don’t have half terms to simply clean them away! The alarm was seriously pimped and a really nice guy came to install it. The thing is, I really put my foot in it.

I’m sitting with my Mum, Dad, Auntie Judy and one of my kids in the living room, the other kids are in the dining playing on the computer. I do try to keep the noise in our house down. A crazy goal I know! I heard some loud noise and shouted through “Too loud, can you please turn it down”. As I’m shouting I realise that it was in fact, the alarm guys mobile phone. I taper off the sentence but its too late. My eldest is quite a peace maker at times and decided to go out talk to him, and calm the potentially troubled waters. She did her best but ended up digging herself into a greater hole. We sat in the room, hiding, and laughing like naughty school kids whilst she explained it all away!! Ah well, you live and learn.

 The kids were however pretty useful yesterday when I took them for a surprise trip to Krispy Kreme in Manchester as they’d been stuck in the house for a whole two days (not the greatest idea to coop up kids in one confined space for 48 hours!) As we’re rolling up the motorway, it was terrifyingly obvious that we were doing just that. The side to side trembling is not a good look for anyone and particularly not at 70mph. We came off at the first junction and thankfully found a garage. We realised that a back tyre needed inflating a little. Ah, but how? How many of you have inflated your car tyres before? Oh really?!  Surprisingly I actually knew what the correct  pressure should be but three of us girlies were not going to let it beat us and I was going to give it a good go before I played the pathetic female card. After a bit of faffing we correctly inflated both back tyres, successfully started the car (the battery’s on the blink!) got to Manchester and were met by some lovely people at Krispy Kreme who got the kids to decorate their own free doughnuts. Result!

The noise level is now too great upstairs. Someone lost their memory stick in our bedroom so the bottom three littlies are helping her find it. Thing is, its descended into a free for all. My bedroom is trashed (again) but they’re having a great time and reconnecting by playing together. It’s at times like this I’m especially glad of having a big family. They all amuse themselves and I’m able to drink a cup of tea. That’s why I had so many kids (wink!!).

See you when I’ve finished creating my ‘iffits’ tea;  ‘if it’s in the cupboard and fridge, that’s what we’re eating!’ xx





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  • 1. Vicki  |  October 27, 2011 at 12:31 pm

    Hey you, so glad things are getting back to ‘your normal’… My boys would love to live in your house, so if any spare places let me know… (only short term though (wink). Have signed up to follow your blog too.

    Vicki x


  • 2. Ros crawford  |  October 28, 2011 at 10:44 am

    This is a fabulous card Keren … Well done on winning the stamp set! I love the trees and as always your card is beautifully done … Love the post too … xxx


  • 3. Angel Jem  |  October 29, 2011 at 11:46 pm

    Iffits not green and smelly, it must be OK to eat. Like it.



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