Strength and Hope & Running away!

April 13, 2011 at 12:06 pm 5 comments

Ever want to take off and fly away for a couple of hours? No? Is it just me?!! This card says it all..’hope…believe…kindness…thankyou…together’. A catch all card if ever I saw one! It’s simply a deconstructed part of a word stamp from the Strength and Hope set.- the one thats raising money for Breast Cancer Research. I’ve just used the set really simply and apart from a bit of card and ‘Sweet Stitches’ paper, oh and a black marker; thats it!

Sometimes it all gets a bit much, doesn’t it? My house is chocka full of hormones, and yesterday, the balance shifted too much in their favour! After one successful truce, there was more of the same at teatime and my ability to smile through it had come to an abrupt end! I’m often thankful for Steve, but last night, I was deliriously happy I could just take off and not have to stick around. A change of scenery was going to be a perfect tonic. Before you all wonder at what dreadful calamity had happened, please rest assured it was more the last straw kinda thing rather than a major issue. After all, keep loading Buckeroo and it will seek to offload eventually! After practically dancing up the stairs to my local Costa, book in hand and my eyes on a very large skinny decaf latte, I was greeted by the baristas saying ‘Sorry we’re closed’. Fabulous. Great. I wandered through Tesco picking up a couple of things I needed and picked up a cheap scarf that will act as a reminder that I will have those kind of days again but with some faith and trust in God, decent good friends and a whacking great cup of coffee, it will be alright with the world and I can start another day realising my failings and human-ness but acknowledging that I need help to get through each day.

It was only then that I realised I was by myself and a woman and at 7:30 in the evening that somewhat limits your socialising choices. I’d never appreciated just how limiting that was. I racked my brains for where to go- to be honest, a bit of solitude was the perfect tonic at that moment. Firstly I tried to think where the nearest coffee shops were-and realised they were shut. Next on my list was trendy cafe/restaurants. I didn’t want to eat and they wouldn’t have served me just a coffee, despite the fact I’d have loved to sit alone. Ok, I now drove past a coffee shop/bar- but it contained 5 blokes and I felt it was too awkward. What about a hotel lobby/bar I’ve been with several friends to?- nope, a little too exposed and I didn’t want to draw attention to myself. I considered some local family friendly pubs and then tried to think of the last time I’d seen a woman in there alone..ermm…never. Crossed that one off the list. Lastly I thought I could go down to Otterspool Prom and just sit looking out across the Mersey; great except it’s  not reknown for being a safe place to hang out. At this point in preceedings, I admitted defeat, went through the McDonalds drive-through and then sat in my car for half an hour reading. It was just what the doctor ordered. I checked my phone, saw that a friend had invited me to crash at hers for a coffee, and thought, ‘why not’. I came home just before midnight, having set the world to rights after chatting about our kids, the BBC’s bias and agenda, schooling, counter culture parenting and a whole lot more. I had a good laugh- often at myself and left refreshed. 

There. Deep intake of breath. Confession over. We’re in this parenting thing for life, huh!  and today it’s fun! Oh, and PS, Morrisons in West Kirby do really dreadful lunchtime meals-I was thankful for the food but think it had done many minutes overtime being nuked in the microwave. (made me smile though- I discovered a new colour that peas could become given long enough!!!)

See you soon x


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  • 1. Carole  |  April 13, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    Glad things are looking so much brighter today. I don’t know one parent out there that hasn’t gone through what you went through yesterday.

    I blame caring too much, when stressful situations happen here but parents can’t stop caring!

    Sending you a hug ((())) C x


  • 2. Ros Crawford  |  April 13, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    First off … thus card is simply stunning … I love the colours and the
    CAS style … second … fully agree with you when you say that basically there is nowhere for a lone lady to go after 7.30 … just to sit read and have a coffee … Why not?? … Thirdly … I can empathise with you … and I don’t have little ones … a big one who acts like a little one is worse!! Have a better day .. XXX


  • 3. Michelle  |  April 13, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    absolutely stuinning x


  • 4. dianne  |  April 14, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    been there !!! i used to go down to new brighton front and watch the ships come in , mind you thats probably not safe anymore at night , hope todays better , we have a basement you could have hidden yourself in haa haa xxxx


  • 5. Vicki  |  April 15, 2011 at 10:21 am

    Hello you, oh had many of those days when i have taken off in the car for a few hours… I think we’ve all done it and needed it! Hope you’re feeling better. We are having a few days away and i’m totally stressed out… i thought it was supposed to be relaxing……”lol and sods law, we are due to come home today and the sun has come out (why!)

    See you soon
    Vicki xx



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