Icecream Colours Scallop Punch Card

August 31, 2010 at 6:05 pm 2 comments

Does lots of sighing indicate anything? I’ve done plenty today…not the cross, frustrated type, or the sad and miserable variety or the nonchalant blow it out and get rid of the feeling ones. Nope, they’re just sighs. I guess its been a long and peculiar (and fun) day. It sort of began last  night (please, allow me a little context!) with the hubs having quite a bit of pain in his foot. Being the lay person with rather a surprising amount of firsthand knowledge, I was quick to point out that due to the lack of swelling and bruising, it probably wasn’t a break. Early this morning, the pain was pretty unbearable for him.. so much so we paid at a little visit to A&E. 2 hours later, with tired, hungry and fractious kids, we happily breathed fresh air and remembered that its probably not wise to drag 5 little people into a cramped and crowded environment with only ‘Sally’ and ‘Judge Judy’ for entertainment. Maybe I’m getting precious, but has anyone actually done research into what people want to look at whilst they wait their lives away? Me? Not Judge Judy and definately not ‘Sally’!

Somewhat later than planned, the hubs and the rest of us bundle into the car, with the sole intent on visiting an icecream farm to try and make something out of the day. Hmmm… everyone else had exactly the same thought. As I looked at our Sat Nav telling me that there was ‘only’ one hour of driving to do, the thought flashed across my mind that in fact it may be a little easier just to go to Tesco. When I considered the petrol (sorry, diesel) costs, these were going to be some gelatos. Add into the mix that you are on Day 3 of potty training, it all gets a little messy.

So, picture this.. I am driving, hubs has stretched his car seat nearly to crushing the legs of the child behind him and is in understandable pain (tendonitis pain according to Mr.Doc). Two kids are verbally sparring. One older child is lamenting the fact that all they had for breakfast was indeed 1 and a half Jaffa cakes and a bottle of water. I know- it’s not great, but you try and buy a balanced breakfast from a Tonka toy type garage. It ain’t gonna happen.  The littliest pipes up that he needs the loo. Remember, bladder control is still being delicately tuned and bless him, he was doing so well that I didn’t want to discourage him. Child 1 tries to swap with child 4 so as to try and assist with getting him relieved in a moving car. Child 4 is now extremely upset that he cant do up his seatbelt. Child 1 is trying to encourage the crucial business of child 5 in an extremely small container. Hubs helpfully suggests that the whole thing was a nonstarter and somehow Child 5 goes off the idea. The discontented pair in the back are now playing and I’m stuck in a very looong traffic queue. I’m feeling pretty thirsty as the elation of finding 6 bottles of water in said tonka toy garage are now diminishing as I realise that we have 7 in our family and I am now drinkless.

We found the icecream place and it was wonderful. (Thanks Dianne). I’m not convinced that Turkish delight icecream should ever share an sugar cone with Maple and Pecan, but it got my tastebuds going! The owners of the icecream place have sculpted a giant meerkat out of hay bales in the middle of their organic oat field. It was quite honestly fantastic. Whoever had created it should be given a ‘simples’ prize (I’m sorry, that was a bad joke), and the kids were amazed by it. I’m still thirsty.

After seeing the baby piglets (yep, I know, piglets are babies by definition), we braved several more non-moving lines of motorists and hunted for a place to eat breakfast-dinner-tea. All at once. It’s cheaper. You get it all over with in one sitting. I’m thinking it could catch on. The place we found looked sublime…organic fruit and veg on a barrow outside the shop. Homemade produce on the inside. Alice in Wonderland murals and theme inside the Tea Room. Alas, big families dont always go too well with the seating thing, but we got two tables next to each other. My parenting alarm bell started chiming quite loudly as I saw the chintzy china teacup and saucer at every setting. I whisked several out of the way and set about asking the kids to ‘shush’ every 10 seconds as we could practically hear the other couples’ taking breaths, it was that subdued. Normal people would’ve excused themselves and run for their cars, but we like putting ourselves through unecessary pain, so we stayed. Food ordered, and more importantly, I ordered a cup of tea. At last, I could drink.

Half the food arrived. 10 mins later, -still no other half. Everyone else had lemonade. At this point I was struggling keeping my tongue from welding itself to the top of my palate. Politely we asked a waitress if she knew whether our food and tea was coming. 8 minutes later it arrived, after the kids had finished theirs. No tea. The waitress practically ran off before I could even ask her. 5 minutes- grabbed the next waitress. Please (pretty, pretty, pretty) could I have the tea. Oh, yes, of course, I’ll get it for you, she replied. More finger tapping and then hey presto a waiter looked in my direction.. I wondered if I could have my tea please. He didn’t return. He did come back past the table- I tried again. I was very restrained, although instead I felt that actually standing on the table and shouting like a Mad Hatter ‘tea please’ wouldn’t have been beyond the realms of acceptability. ‘Is the tea there? please’? Oh, yes, he said, and then I changed tack ‘I’m sorry, I’ve now asked 3 times and still no tea, so please could I have a lemonade’. I’m happy to report that he did indeed bring me a lemonade, but we ended up paying a little over £2 for each one. Daylight robbery. Hmm.. that’ll teach me  to plan ahead and buy 12 bottles of water instead of 6!

I must shorten my posts- you’re probably all asleep by now! I wanted to say that one of these gorgeous colours is going. Gone forever come October. Glorious green will soon be no more. I’m stocking up on my favourite colours and you should do to. Btw, I’m having a SALE night on Fri 10th September . It’s absolutely free, there’ll be a make and take with some of the brand new  stuff- you get a sneak peek! It starts at 8pm. Let me know if you’re .

I love trying to something different. Do you like the tiny jump rings connecting each scallop. The flower is from a pack of brads. I’ve just punched out a tiny blue circle and added some Crystal Effects to the middle.

Toodley pips xx


Card recipe. Cardstock, Melon Mambo, Pretty in Pink, So Saffron, Pumpkin Pie, Glorious Green, Tempting Turquoise. Brad from pack of flower brads -16 for £7.50 (they’re really heavy and gorgeous). Ribbon- stitched bashful blue. Stamp from Tiny Tags. All supplies from Stampin’Up! except jump rings that I had in my cupboard.



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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Ros Crawford  |  September 1, 2010 at 11:04 am

    Love this diary of yours!! I too have been to see the meerkat! In fact they have a website … Never stopped at the Tea place though and now never will! Hope your day is a good one xxx


  • 2. Ros Crawford  |  September 1, 2010 at 11:05 am

    Ooops! forgot to same that I love the card too .. brilliant idea with the jump rings



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