What a ‘felter’ of a day!

July 26, 2010 at 9:15 pm 1 comment

In a change from the ‘usual’- I’ll show you my first attempt at felting. My Mum came today and gave me and two of my kids a mini ‘course- introducing us to the wonder that is creating felt.

But before I get to that, I should tell you about the day that preceded, included and concluded after the crafting! Up at 7. Baking  a cake at 7;30 ( that’s because I got so engrossed in a film last night that I nearly marmalized the previous cake destined to go with my girls to camp!). 8am– breakfast and sorting out all the usual ‘minor hitches’ that were following my ‘biglies’ around as they got ready for camp (like announcing that her shirt was far too small and what could I do about it? -very little really, you chose to deliver this information to me less than half an hour before going!). 8;45, ice the new cake and attempt to fit in into a tin that was too small for the whole cake whilst receiving instructions from another child about how exactly I was to feed her giant-sized hamster! 9;15– put  all kids and their respective luggage in the car whilst balancing the afore-mentioned cake. 9;30– deliver 2 kids (AND the cake) to the bus whilst wondering how long I was to stand in the rain and were my other 3 kids fighting in the car whilst I waited. 9;50– drive to the hairdressers-or rather barbers and proceed to wait in a long queue whilst talking so loudly to the kids as to drown out the Jeremy Kyle show that was playing and thus ensure the kids didnt hear anything awful and I didn’t have to subsequently explain to them what they’d heard.  10;10– littlest son gets in the chair for the cut; -not good, he was unhappy that he had to sit still, was in no way ever going to have the ‘tickly machine’ on his neck and intended on making as much noise as possible. Meanwhile my Mum had had quite enough of Jeremy Kyle and asked the hairdresser if she could change the channel- oh dear- the remote then broke and the TV was stuck on one channel and then not even a proper one at that. Mum runs out to buy some batteries inthe vain hope that it fixes the problem. It does not. Second son gets hair cut and we all sidle out rather sheepishly leaving lady and slightly broken Freeview box.

11am– call for cake. Mum doles out rather large portions of choc cake and William nearly implodes with tiredness. I whisk him off to bed so we can get cracking on making some felt. 12.45– after a lot of tearing, placing, squishing, soaping, watering, rolling, re-rolling and flattening we all have gorgeous chunks of felt to be immensely proud of. 1;30. We go to town to search for more wool fleece (Mum needs some more, and suddenly so do I!). It’s pouring down, Will refuses to leave the car unless Nanny is with him and we all get soaked. Having bought the craft items, we then head for Liverpool Cathedral thinking it would be a nice experience for lunch. Wrong…. Parking=that’s fine. Finding food=not so fine, lunch has now ended ( have they not heard of summer holidays for kids?). We go in search in the upper ‘Mezzanine’ that serves food in what was a nice quiet area (until we arrived, that is). William decides that he now doesnt like turkey sandwiches and just wants crisps instead. I’m trying to berate him in whispered tones whilst he responds in not so whispered ones. The poor people who were enjoying the Cathedrals’ gentle ambience have now regretted their decision to dine in that spot. We make a hasty exit as soon as we could.

2;45– Kids and entourage head down into the Cathedral amidst the amazing throaty bellows of the cathedral organist playing  Bach’s Toccata and Fugue for all he was worth. At this point, my children were exploring and as the organist stopped to explain the finer points of the pipe system housed in the church, William explored his feet and met the hard, cold marble floor with his hands. Screams ensued and we all hastily exited another building this time being accompanied both by Williams pained shrills and Ian Tracey’s masterful rendition of Bach.

3:55– at this point, anyone with an ounce of sense would have headed for the hills. Me? I descended on two Chinese supermarkets to try and find bamboo mats for Mum to roll her felt in. The first one involved the kids pretending to speak Chinese and acting out Mum (Nan) unable to make herself understood to the lady in the supermarket. The second saw me having to severely rely on my parking sensors as I got rather stuck in an underground carpark. (I really love you, my parking safety-nets!!).

4;20– arrived home. William is now very out of sorts. The only thing in this instance was to call on ‘Fireman Sam’! . He came to my rescue and provided half an hour of very soothing entertainment whilst Nanny and Harriet tried slightly unsuccessfully to roll felt balls. We ‘You-Tubed’ our difficulty and found an extremely helpful video which gave us all the answers to creating tiny felted balls but showed us why the country presently has a ‘hose-pipe ban’ as gallons of water sloshed down the sink. I’m not known for being an eco-warrior but it was all I could do to resist shouting at the screen asking her to put bowls under the taps to catch all that water!

6;00– tea. Not the greatest of mealtimes. William was happy to eat the rice and the Nanny-cake, but less happy to scoff the chilli that went with the rice. He had no cake. He did, however, manage to spill an entire tub of buttons. 7;00– Nanny left to drive back up the motorway. I was left to drive myself slowly do-lally. Jamie could not understand perfectly reasonable instructions of how to wash his neck with a flannel and then realised that if you don’t wring the flannel out after soaking it in water, that will result in an extremely soppy pajama top. 7;30 littlest daughter is in tears because she is in her bedroom alone and is missing her big sis terribly. Child pacified, tea ready for hubby and I’m left looking at the ironing pile!

See- bet your day wasn’t as interesting as that!!










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Christmas in July Shadow Stamped Card

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  • 1. Vicki  |  July 27, 2010 at 7:54 pm

    Oh I soooo need to know how to make felt!!!! Wow they are amazing, can’t wait to see them IRL.

    I don’t know how you do it and survive……lol ( are you St Keren of Old Swan?)

    Vicki x



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