Clearly Besotted July Release Day!!

Hello everyone!

It’s been another whirlwind set of teasers and it’s finally release day!

There’s been so much to love, and so much love shared around too! Your lovely comments have made me smile. I do love writing and it’s great to know you’ve enjoyed my silly stories!

I thought I’d create another project using the ‘Pop Up Plushies’ with their matching accessories set. 2 sets that really go wonderfully together. Because of the sizing, there are many more Clearly Besotted sets that you’ll be able to use them for too!

This merry band are positioned next to some cut out grass ( just lots of snipping into green card).

They’re actually inside an aperture ( but that was a waste of time as you can’t tell, and would have been quicker to simply die cut a circle to layer on top of the card!!)

I’ve inked some ‘sky and clouds’ using Broken China Distress ink and an homemade stencil.

I love the little piles of soil and flower on their heads; although I wouldn’t fancy the clean up afterwards!!! It makes for a completely adorable scene!

The sentiment is from the new ‘Simply Said Birthday’ set and they’re all available at 8pm GMT at the Clearly Besotted store and also at Simon Says Stamp!

Whilst you’re waiting, do visit the Clearly Besotted blog and also to Michelle and our fabulous guest Amy.

Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to enter for the monthly prize on Clearly Besotted’s Facebook page!

Keren xx


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Clearly Besotted July Release Teasers Day 4

Hello everyone!!

Hope you’re having a marvellous weekend. With this crazily hot weather, it does feel rather tropical.

Today is a second look at the ‘Birds Of A Feather’ stamp set. There are a really good mix of birds and I really wanted to ink up Portia (the parrot).

I wanted to have her perching and looking as if she was just balancing mid branch. She’s sat on top of an acetate ‘strut’.

To you and me she might look like she’s a common variety of parrot, but actually she hides a wonderful and terrifying secret.

She was a lookout. Patrolling the entrance to the parrot’s lair. The community of birds was always under threat from snakes, monkeys, raptors, cats and bats. It was hard enough trying to survive the demanding conditions in the rainforest, but when you were regularly fending off predators, it became really difficult. The ‘lookouts’ were picked because they had superior eyesight and a wonderful sense of smell and anticipation of marauders.

Portia had alerted the others to several threats and whilst they couldn’t keep them all away, several chicks had been saved by Portia’s spotting danger and tenacity. She had few other skills. She wasn’t uniquely marked to make her one of the fashionistas, her ability to speak other animal languages wasn’t good enough, and the lookout was the best way to keep some useful service with the pandemonium ( of parrots; one of the collective terms).

The only drawback with Portia was that she struggled to remain ‘hidden’. When she began to get sleepy, something within her triggered a ‘sparkle’. Sparkle was the only way to describe it. Imagine a light switch that’s suddenly flicked and it reveals a million tiny Swarovski crystals, reflecting the rays of the sun. Amazing and awesome, but thoroughly terrible for the job of a lookout. Portia had had years to avoid being discovered. She religiously had the right amount of sleep to make sure she would not become drowsy during the night watch- otherwise the glimmer of lights would act like a magnet to every local predator in the vicinity.

One night, however, this terrible secret emerged. The secret, that once discovered would signal an end to the only job she could ever do.

Some lurking animals were easy to spot; her excellent vision made that a simple task. Others ( of the swooping variety) were more of a challenge. Parrots can’t outfly eagles and hawks, and parrot babies were easy pickings. Lots of parrot families were settled for the night and there was little stirring.

Suddenly a swift whoosh of air was felt by Portia. Her feathers stood on end as she realised it was an eagle. The quiet but strong flapping matched the large wing span and she knew she needed to act fast. To her horror, the raptor flew into the nearest nest and as she watched, he caught the fledging on the tree hollow as he flew out, knocking the baby out and so no cries could be heard.

She was very scared- she did not know what to do. She called to the group, telling them to help her, but as they all came round, Portia was in hot pursuit. This was a dangerous tactic; the eagle would prefer a larger snack like her and could drop the chick. She had travelled quite a distance and the other parrots were nowhere to be seen. Her anxiety reached a peak and in an instant, she could feel the ‘sparkle’ coming on. She kept flying, as fast as her wings would carry her. She did not know for how long, but it felt like an eternity. She could hear a crescendo of wings and parrot after parrot surrounded her. ‘We saw your myriad of lights’, they squawked. ‘We knew where to come’.

The eagle was overwhelmed and retreated. The baby was dropped but had several parrots ready to rescue it. The night was saved…by Portia. She flew back with a heavy heart, knowing her lookout days were numbered.

Yet, all was not lost. The chick’s parents were so grateful and the Parrot Party who ruled over the community awarded Portia a special training trip to visit the local Parakeets and learn new ways of guarding their homes.

Sometimes, our fears of others discovering our secrets are unfounded. Just like Portia, maybe our weaknesses, in due time can be channelled to become our greatest strengths.


The wonderful leaves and flowers are also part of the set. All colouring was using my Nuvo Alcohol markers and I’ve cut out a square aperture and then added the bird on top. The sentiment is from the new set ‘Simply Said Birthday’ and has some really wonderful sentiments.

I loved that twine, hung like that, echoes the forest vines and helps give a sense of the scene. This was good fun to make and it’s also time to go and visit the rest of the Clearly Besotted team.

First up, Steph and Jenny on the Clearly Besotted blog, then the fab Amy Tsuruta, and then onto Lisa and Michelle!

I can’t believe its Release Day tomorrow!

Pop back for one final project!

Keren x

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Clearly Besotted July Release Teasers Day 3

Hey everyone!

Hope your day is going well. Here in the UK, there’s a mini heatwave going on and I’m so hot, that it seems tempting to submerge myself in a giant teapot of cool water and just chill..quite literally!!

This merry band had a little something else in mind…

Percival was a pig of no great report. Well, to his friends, he was really rather special. They all loved the way he oinked when he when laughed and the precious way his tail curled. Percy was kind and thoughtful, yet Percy didn’t really think much of himself at all. He adored his friends, Eleanor, Ferdie, Panachook and Carol.

The friends would often meet on a Sunday afternoon for tea and cake. Ferdie’s baking was legendary in the gated Animaal community. If you were ‘in’ with Ferdie, your hips stood a lot to gain 😉

For some reason, the animals were given to displays of great generosity which also extended to their crockery. No-one knew where the giant teacups and teapots had originated from, but they were always present at their calorie laden gatherings.

It was Carol’s idea. She was an 80’s child and remembered well the Ann Geddes craze for babies in things like plants and plant-pots that spurned a million calendars. She arrived at the best idea; ‘let’s hide in the teapots and teacups and jump out at Percy to show how much we love him?’ Surprisingly, the other friends thought this was a rather good idea, forgetting that Percival actually had a heart defect that given enough of a shock could end up with a trip to the local vet’s establishment.

They talked about their idea, discussing how wonderful Percy was and just how much they all were glad that he was around. Unbeknown to them, the pig of the moment was actually under the very table they were hatching their plans around!

The details were firmed up, despite Ellie’s protestation that her hips simply would not fit. Ferdie therefore produced a tape measure and they found the ceramic pot with the greatest ‘girth’. Ellie tried it for size and pronounced it a perfect fit. They all excitedly waited for Sunday afternoon waiting for the big reveal.

Percy remained under the tablecloth, with tears streaming down his piggy face. Oh to be thought of so well, that his friends would plan something so lovely for him. He decided that he wouldn’t let on, and arrive a little early that Sunday. Pigs do like to snooze, however, and since his timing was so far in advance of his friends, he decided to power nap under the table again.

Carol was finding being squeezed into a teacup very irritating. Panachook got a fit of the giggles and Ferdie was worried that her constant shaking and laughing was putting undue strain on a widening crack. Carol could take it no longer; she really needed to visit the ‘little girl’s’ room.. but, she couldn’t get out. Ellie’s legs were jammed into the teacup but her trunk was free. She thought by giving Carol’s cup a little wobble, it just might tip her on her side and she might wriggle out. The only thing wriggling out would be the ant that was hightailing out of the said cup, but sure enough, Ellie gave a little shove, Carol went flying and the resulting domino effect ended up with Carol sitting amongst cracked pieces of teacup, Ferdie ungainly plopped amidst a cream Victoria sponge and Ellie atop a rather squashed plate of Battenburg.

Because of the ruckus, Percival was awoken. He peered out from underneath the tablecloth and through Panachook’s sobs, he told his friends how much their kind words had meant to him and how happy he felt. The sorry mess was easily cleaned, although no-one really fancied the squished Battenburg. Ferdie had some HobNobs in the cupboard and everyone agreed that firstly, they’d never try to squeeze themselves into any receptacle ever again. Secondly, that it was in fact a gloriously fun afternoon and finally, that their lives were richer for knowing Percy.

I guess the moral, if there is one, is that you need to be very careful who you are talking about over a cup of tea as they just might be hiding under the table!!

The sets I’m showcasing today are called ‘Pop Up Plushies’ and it has a matching set of accessories and items to coordinate called ‘Pop Up Props’. They’re filled with myriads of combinations and I just love them. The stamped images are coloured as usual with Nuvo Alcohol markers and the tablecloth is indeed ‘cloth’, from my fabric collection!

There may be more ‘sweet’ treats ahead if you visit the Clearly Besotted Blog, then something from ‘Madeira cake’ Michelle, ‘Lamingtons’ Lisa and ‘Almond Croissant ‘ Amy!! 

See you tomorrow for something tropical!


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Clearly Besotted July Teasers Day 2

Hello again! Welcome to another look at the new sets. Today’s project is using ‘Birds Of A Feather’ which has so many different birds. I thought that this bevvy of feathered beauties looked like they deserved a little glamour.

Flora and Felicity hung out at the local Spa regularly. They were two cool babes. This was a very exclusive joint, and the cost of membership was pretty steep. Ginger lived locally and used to strut past the gleaming golden gates with a determination that one day she’d join the cool gang.

One glorious day, Ginger received a letter through the post. It was marked ‘Flame Spa’ and boy, was this bird thrilled. She had been anticipating the results of a draw at her local bird nursery. The prize was for a weekend pass at the spa, and Ginger trembled as she opened the hammered textured envelope.

As it turned out, she had indeed won a prize, but just not quite as exciting as she’d hoped. She had won the 15th prize and this was a day pass to the pool. The Pool? she muttered, and then, she remembered that this was no ordinary pool. It was an infinity pool. (Readers might be able to tell that the acetate across the card is mimicking the look of a seamless edge- a true infinity pool).

Game on, she thought. She just now had to look the part. Her swimming costume could be improved with a feather or two. The seams could be more flatteringly adjusted and she remembered that there was a flotation device in the garage. She rushed to find a sorry looking float that had a gaping hole. Finding her brother’s bicycle puncture repair kit she slapped a patch on and tried to hide it with a liberal coat of glitter.

The final touch was to find some oversized sunglasses. It was a little too far away from pay day so resourceful Ginger simply doctored an old pair with rhinestones and Nuvo drops;..hey, she was a crafty gal. She thought about adding a Sharpie to black out the lenses and decided against it.

The time came for the free session. She practically hopped into the reception. A slightly snotty toucan was there to greet her. She was given the fluffiest of robes and ushered a little too speedily for her liking towards the changing room. This was it. Her dreams had come too. This was the beginning of mixing in the right circles.

She wandered out towards the pool, smiling nonchalantly at Flora and Felicity. They didn’t return the smile and looked away. Ginger wasn’t deterred. She said ‘hi’ and grinned again. More ‘cold shouldering’ was their response. Ginger jumped in to the pool rather too enthusiastically and ended up inelegantly sprawled across her glittery float and ‘thump’, jammed headlong into the glass edge. What wasn’t obvious to her, was the feint sound of a crack.

She could feel the float getting slightly less buoyant and guessed her brother’s cycling patch must not have been of the best quality. She headed over towards the frosty flamingos before the ring deflated completely. Those sunglass toting girls started to head quickly to the other side. Ginger was peturbed and didn’t understand why they were so unfriendly.

However, in their haste to get to the other side, they rammed themselves into the same spot. Their dark shades meant they weren’t able to see clearly where they were headed. Not only did the edge of the pool crack, they couldn’t see the breach and both Flora and Felicity plopped from the pool to the concrete below.

Ginger couldn’t help it. She started to giggle and then progressed to a throaty laugh that ended in a guffaw. Those snooty feathered girls shook their feathers down and waddled away, looking incredibly dishevelled. That day, Ginger learned a valuable lesson; it wasn’t that you should always use a new flotation ring, nor that glittered and glued rhinestones when mixed with chlorinated water will end up with a trail of translucent sparkle behind you (although both of these are true), but that really, it’s always best to be you and not place your hope in cool chicks that have no depth nor good manners!!…

Those glasses in the story are from another new set; ‘Pop Up Plushies’. There are so many little extras to add real personalisation to the images. All images were coloured in with Nuvo Alcohol markers.

I can’t wait to see what Jenny and Stephanie have been creating on the Clearly Besotted Blog.

Next, please pop to Lisa and Michelle (who are definitely not snooty, nor fake!!) and also our lovely special guest Amy Tsurata

Until tomorrow, lovely blog readers; be YOU!




June 28, 2019 at 8:00 am 4 comments

Clearly Besotted July Release Teasers Day 1

Hello lovelies,

How are you all? We’ve got a wonderful line up of Clearly Besotted new stamps this July release, and I’m beginning with my favourite set. It’s one of my favourites in a while. I just love the gorgeous artistry and the potential for creativity.

Once I saw them, and after it reminded me of Penfold from Dangermouse, I imagined them burrowing down into a field of flowers, as these guys live to mine florals!

There’s no story today (there’s a story behind that one!) so instead I’ll just talk through the card.

I started off by stamping, colouring and cutting the mole guys out. Using a piece of black cardstock, I sketched and cut a tunnel and mole hole out.


Mole holes are never wanted in perfectly manicured gardens, but for these cute guys, I’d make an exception. I love the way they love their flowers. They just collect them!

I added some blended Distress Ink into the space behind the tunnel and trimmed out a small area at the top of the card. I added one mole behind the space. Add a little strip of acetate behind them and add a butterfly on it.

I popped some extra flowers in the mole’s hands and placed one so it looked like it was falling down into the tunnel. The set is called ‘Mischievous Mole’. They certainly are, and they’ll be available from the 1st July.

As usual there’s the lovely line-up;

Clearly Besotted Blog  Michelle Short, Lisa Tilson and from tomorrow we also have the lovely Amy Tsuruta joining us this month.

Until tomorrow,

Keren x

June 27, 2019 at 8:00 am 8 comments

Clearly Besotted June Release Day!

Yay! It’s Release Day!

Thankyou so much for sticking with me this week. I have loved reading all your comments.

Later today, you can shop at the Clearly Besotted store, or at Simon Says Stamp, but for now, I’ve got a really bizarre card!

I saw the little stamped image of a hole and immediately thought ‘whack-a-mole’.

Here’s how my mind went..

My colouring wasn’t very well thought through. They ended up looking like ferret ninjas.

Whack-a-Ninja-Ferret. Has a certain ring to it 😂

The set is called ‘Feisty Ferret’! Fun, huh?

Derek, Eric, Steve, Bob and Fernando were students. Alas, the age old problem that undergrads face; money shortage, was also true for these feisty fabulous five.

One night after they’d all had their white mice cocoa, they declared they were sick of baked bean pellets and needed to find a part time job. Someone had a copy of Political Polecat Today and it had a classifieds and job section at the back. There was a small advert tucked away in a slightly chewed corner that read ‘Wanted, for immediate start, robust ferrets who excel at jumping. Food provided and reasonable wages. Enquire to Had the gregarious group bothered to look carefully at the email address, it might have made them think twice. Their grumbling tummies and empty wallets were enough to propel them to apply.

The response was surprisingly immediate. ‘Thankyou for your application.

Please come with your friends to the following address….employment begins at 7:30pm’.

Those ferret fellows could not believe their luck. Derek was first to hazard a guess at the role. ‘Maybe we have to be waiters and jump to liven the restaurant up’.

Eric wondered if they were going to be lab specimens for a special ferret fitness video.

Bob laughed. He was a black footed ferret, and his rarity in the general population made him a little ‘extra’. He was always putting Eric down and the others marginally tolerated his hoity toity ways. ‘I think we’re going to train for a world record for ferret jumping’, he imagined. He could already see himself on a podium surrounded by mice treats and influential Mustelidae.

Fernando remained quiet. He was the thinker of the group. He was already feeling uneasy, but didn’t want to quash everyone’s enthusiasm. Steve sensed his reticence and looked across calmingly. He was the empath of the group and always was sensitive to their feelings.

The intrepid troupe scurried towards the address and were met by a shady weasel who introduced himself as Wily. They were escorted into a room where there was a table spread with ferrety delights. The lads lapped the treats up with gusto and once satisfied, as Bob was licking his lips, Wily ran in. Steve didn’t like Wily. Something wasn’t right about him.

He ushered the group into a green room.

‘Well boys, it’s time to earn your keep’ he pronounced in a jolly tone. Pretend to be ninjas, and when you see the mice, please jump up and try and catch them. Don’t stop, just keep going.’.

The boys looked at each other nervously as they each were herded to an ‘x’ below an opening. Music began. Cheering started. A bell began to ring.

The mice were lowered over the tops of the holes above. They jumped.


‘That weasel. What is going on’ spluttered Eric, as he nursed his head.

‘What was that enormous plastic hammer?’ growled Bob.

The mice appeared again and so they jumped. This time, a little less enthusiastically but as their heads appeared, the crowds roared. Bob enjoyed the adulation so kept jumping. Eric was less enthusiastic and Steve shuffled to the side. Wily raced in again, reminding the fellas that an email was a contract and there were no wages for any of them unless the five worked together.

They jumped, to great applause. Some of the plastic hammer blows were softer than the others, and after a while they learned to jump back down much faster. By the end, they were feeling fitter and the hammer didn’t really hurt.

Wily came in grinning from ear to ear. ‘Why you boys were fabulous. The best ones we’ve ever had!’ They looked at each other proudly, still feeling a little shell shocked.

‘Don’t worry, your heads will get used to it- it’s only a plastic hammer filled with air’. If any of you want to come back tomorrow, I’d be surely glad to have you’.

Everyone shook their heads, Kentucky Fried Weasel was a safer bet for earning a few pounds. Bob, however had rather enjoyed himself. ‘I’ll be back tomorrow’ he promised.

And indeed Bob has carved out quite a career for himself. Wily Weasel turned out to be a rather good employer with an awesome employee benefit scheme and the polecat pension deal was amazing. He ended up being a good friend to Bob and even joined him sometimes on the nightly jumps. The moral of the story is quite clear. Next time you try whack-a-mole or indeed ‘whack-a-ferret’, be extra gentle, it might be Bob or Wily under that hammer!!

The full Clearly Besotted release is available at 8pm GMT at the Clearly Besotted store and also at Simon Says Stamp!

I’d love to know which were your favourites this month?

Do visit Michelle and the Clearly Besotted blog

and I look forward to seeing you soon!

Keren xx

June 1, 2019 at 9:45 am 5 comments

Clearly Besotted June Teasers Day 4

Hello. Time for a break? An ice-cream break?

I love desserts, but an ice-cream only when it’s warm and balmy! This delicious selection of images in the ‘Sunny Sundae’ set are perfect for a variety of occasions. I decided to pick gelato colours and use the new Honeycomb Crunch stencil (which is rapidly becoming my go-to stencil) Tumbled Glass Distress inks and Worn Lipstick, Cracked Pistachio Distress oxide inks.

I coloured them simply with Nuvo alcohol markers. My flavours of choice are Rum’n’Raisin, Chocolate and Black Cherry. I was feeling quite hungry whilst I was colouring them in!

I added the silver strip to make it look like was a worktop. It’s a pretty straightforward card, but I liked the addition of the half circle with the added stencil detail.

It’s one of the mini sets, which means if you’re reigning your spending in, you don’t need to worry!

I hope you like this set. I reckon I should have some Ben & Jerry’s to celebrate!

I’m sure Michelle and Lisa will have something equally as scrummy. Don’t forget to visit the Clearly Besotted Blog too!

I’ll see you tomorrow for the last of the projects; tomorrow is RELEASE Day! Lets just say I’ll be going out with a bang, or rather a thump!

Keren x

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