Clearly Besotted September Release Day


So nice to see you again. It’s finally arrived; Release day!!! I’ve created a final project for you using the ‘Pop Up Monsters’ set and we really need to finish the story too!

I decided to show the monsters having a rip roaring time. There is such movement to be created just having the images in different directions and adding a few marks to show travel.

 The sentiment comes from the set and I’ve kept it pretty simple and lots of white space too!

You’ll notice that both Stephjen and Mr Egglemaniac are different colours. Had I planned the story in advance, I’d have coloured them consistently, but then I couldn’t have let you know that in fact GreenCheese planetary monsters and many in nearby galaxies actually change colour when they experience emotions. This is their ‘Happy’ colour….

We left Stephjen puzzling over the words yesterday. She furrowed her brow and kept repeating the message to see if it made any better sense. After a while, Egglemaniac flew past her in his spaceship.

‘It wasn’t better was it?’

‘What wasn’t?’ replied Stephjen quizzically

‘The Cheese’ he quipped. ‘All that for the sake of new and better’.

‘Well’, she stumbled, ‘I did think it had to be better than that awful liquid cheese’. As the words came pouring out, her ingratitude suddenly choked her, and the thought of lovely warm and luscious liquid cheese suddenly seemed less offensive.

‘I scared you didn’t I? demanded Egglemaniac.

She nodded. She reflected there had been way too much running for her 40 something frame, and feeling intrepid had lost its appeal in day 2.

‘I’m not your arch enemy,’ he explained, ‘I’m your reality check’.

Stephjen was starting to see. All that adventure to hunt down the new and unfamiliar carried risk. It was daunting and there were many parts of the past few days that had been alarming. She understood that familiar and comfortable wasn’t always the enemy she’d imagined, and the wonder of the new wasn’t all it had cracked up to be.

She climbed on a nearby rocket, feeling so thankful for what she had, and she changed to a beautiful orange. The colour had given her an idea that maybe trying liquid cheese in combination with other foodstuffs might be a great idea. What about marmalade from Egglemaniac’s world? Perhaps he might send her some?

Other thoughts about becoming someone else drifted rapidly into her head. What about the dream of becoming a tall willowy redhead that she’d harboured since being a little monster? No, she determined to herself, I’m going to be thankful to be short, slightly dumpy but entirely genuinely me. Wishing the grass was greener ( or the planet is more exciting) has danger attached, and quite honestly leads to more dissatisfaction.

Stephjen started the engine, zoomed off towards Egglemaniac who had turned a delightful pink as he watched his new friend choose contentment. All was well that day in the universe.

If you’ve loved the sets this month, do pop over to look at the

Pop Up Monsters,


Happy Everything


& Under The Weather stencil

There’s a fab deal with 15% off the whole bundle too


Do not forget to go and visit Michelle  as she’s got her fabulous release video as normal!

All sets and stencils are available from 8pm GMT tonight on the Clearly Besotted store and Simon Says Stamp

I do hope you’ve enjoyed the different style this month. I’d love to know if you’d rather see a variety of sets like normal. My plans are in your hands, lovely readers!

Keren x

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Clearly Besotted September Teasers Day 4

Hello Clearly Besotted fans. It’s Day 4 already? I do hope you’re enjoying the different styles using the one ‘Pop Up Monster’ set.

Today is a different look again. It’s amazing what stripping back colour and adding it in a different form can do. I’ve simply stamped the monsters in a line. Over the top, I positioned the ‘Under The Weather’ stencil on the cloud part and instead of adding colour, I just traced along the edges of the stencil using a black fineliner. When I got the end of the first part of the stencil, I flipped it over and stencilled the second half so it became a mirror image and matched up perfectly!

For the colour, I added little punched out hearts. I drew some blue alcohol marker pen along the right of the clouds and added some detail with the fineliner again. Easy enough for anyone to do.

What is less easy is to fit the cards into the story ( the story came after the cards 😂).

So we left our intrepid foodie monster rushing out of the vintage hair salon, tightly grasping the brown paper parcel….

Stephjen didn’t stop running until she came to a strange open piece of land. It was like a meadow but devoid of colour. There was a row of monsters, perfectly stationary and very quiet. They appeared unthreatening in a soft woollen cosy blanket kind of way and she felt emboldened enough to peek inside the parcel.

She unwrapped the string with the delicacy of a paediatric heart surgeon and stood staring blankly at the contents.

It was hard, wedge shaped and smelled like something had died inside. Despite her misgivings, she decided to eat a little corner. As her mouth closed around the food, the little creatures in a row started to smile. In fact, so did the sky, and out tumbled tiny coloured hearts from the clouds that Stephjen was sure was about to herald an announcement.

The cheese was delicious, with an almost familiar taste, not dissimilar to the liquid foodstuff from her planet GreenCheese. There was indeed a message, but a subtle one that lay underneath the cheese. As she opened the paper, it read ‘was it worth it?’

She looked, and read, and reread, waiting for the confusion to dissipate. What did the cryptic message mean?…… ( all will be revealed tomorrow!!)

You can see the fun sentiment from the ‘Happy Everything’ set. Such a joy-filled one; I love that saying!

 Now I’ve finished waffling on, please head over to the Clearly Besotted blog, then do pop over to Lisa and Michelle, then last but by no means least, head over to our guest designer Joy Taylor.

See you for release day tomorrow!!


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Clearly Besotted September Teasers Day 3

Well hello there! So great to have you back visiting again. We’re back with Day 3, and we’ve got the next part of the Stephjen story. I’m using one set for the whole week which is ‘Pop Up Monsters’. This card is a real fun scene, and I’ll tell you how we got here…

We left Stephjen being spun out of the giant bowl, the word she’d misheard on the TV show was actually ‘Vintage Cheese’ but it came out as ‘Vintage Air’ . The wishmaker Egglemaniac heard ‘Vintage Hair’ so that’s where she ended up…

You can’t see her, but she’s looking on; completely mystified. There was Mr. Egglemaniac who apparently could change colour and really really loved getting his hair coiffed…

You can see the vintage-y hair salon chairs; I simply sketched them out and cut them out of coral cardstock and added some gold gel pen details. To get the idea for this scene, I was looking at the spaceship and thought the dome looked like old fashioned blow dryers. I simply stamped the ship onto post-it type notes and trimmed the dome out, leaving the rest of the ship, so when you stamp over the note, just the dome is stamped.

If you notice some of the detail lines and the hoses, that’s to cover some masking errors and of course to make it look more genuinely like a hairstylists!! 😉 The sketched board just helps everyone understand it’s an hair salon.

Mr Egglemaniac simply didn’t want to get out of the seat. Stephjen got fed up with waiting. Man, that guy loved looking at his reflection just way too much. She noticed that there was an off switch on the wall and sidled over to turn it off.

With the whirr silenced, Mr Egglemaniac slithered off the stool and Stephjen rushed into his place. She still wondered when her wish was coming true. She sat down on the chair which swivelled a little and nearly sent her flying off. The other two customers just stared ahead blankly. From the hoses in the back of the seat came a rumbly sound, almost like the hairdryer was trying to cough. She waited and then through the hose came a perfectly wrapped brown parcel which just plopped onto her lap. Before Mr Egglemaniac could grab it, she grasped it tightly to her chest and ran and ran and ran….(to be continued).

These little monsters are so much fun. You can add clothes to them.. I’m thinking weddings. They are perfect for kids, and with a little fun scene built around them, they’re also great for people who love a little fun!

I hope you can hang on for another 2 cards using this set and it’s proving its worth to you!

In the meanwhile, the Clearly Besotted Blog is calling, along with our talented guest Joy and the awesome duo Michelle and Lisa


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Clearly Besotted September Teasers Day 2

Hey! Welcome back to Day two of Teasers for the Clearly Besotted September Release. As I explained yesterday, I’m ringing the changes and only covering one set; ‘Pop Up Monsters’.

We left Stephjen (our main alien monster character) being forcibly removed from GreenCheese by an archenemy.

Stephjen thought that she’d end up next to Egglemaniac, but instead she was energetically ejected from the long pipe and arrived in a tank area which was just like a giant fish bowl. Myriads of creatures were floating around aimlessly, but in a fantastically ordered formation. No-one was bumping into another, nor the enormous planets that were whizzing by as if they were light as air. On the other side of the dome was a partition and everything was black and white and still. No-one moved; they were frozen.

Stephjen instinctively knew that the opposite area was not the place to go. They were living creatures, with the life and joy drained out of them.

At this point, she wondered where her wish had gone wrong. Had the wish for food sounded like something else. She started trying to remember the words in that programme, and try as she might, the words weren’t coming. Vint..erg chai. Vint arj heer. Chintage Heese? Vinterj air. She said the last one very forcibly and the tank started to spin. Initially it was a slow gentle rhythmic movement that got progressively faster. Had she known much about earth, she’d have likened it to being spun in a washing machine.

Whatever it was, she suspected that her life wasn’t going anywhere good right this moment…

(more on the story tomorrow).

I loved creating the contrast of the black and white versus the colour. This would be lovely as an activity card with a bunch of crayons for a kid or even stamped in a notebook for a cute gift. The sentiment is from a new set called ‘Happy Everything’. It’s a lovely mix of fonts that covers lots of different occasions. I’ve added little details such as the rocket jet ‘air’ and the left behind particles from the shooting stars, just using a black fineliner. It’s simple and gives more depth to the scene.

Do go and visit our guestie Joy Taylor, then onto the Clearly Besotted Blog, before seeing the lovely creations from Lisa & Michelle’s blogs

See you tomorrow (with Stephjen too) x

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Clearly Besotted September Teasers Day 1

Hello everyone!

So glad to have you visiting my blog again. If you’re wondering what ‘teasers’ are, they’re just the way we show off the Clearly Besotted stamp releases, for 4 days before the official release day on September 1st.

This month, I’m doing something different. I normally showcase a variety of the stamp sets, but I’m going to use just one (with a little help from one of the sentiment sets). I know from experience how easy it is to get a set and stamp it once, and then the enthusiasm for it can dwindle a little. I wanted to focus on one and give you different ideas for using it and decided upon ‘Pop Up Monsters’!

So, Stamping Session One involved the introduction of one of our heroines; Stephjen. Anyone acquainted with the owners of Clearly Besotted might be tempted to form a link here, but it’s all based on fictional characters 😉

Stephjen lived by herself on a moon made from green cheese that had very little to eat there other than the pools of nutritious liquid collected in the holes of the cheese. Stephjen dreamed of eating real food. She’d intercepted a satellite television channel once and though the connection was poor, she saw human people eating something called ‘food’. The enjoyment on their faces made her wish she could try this stuff too.

One day a year, all Cheesums (of which Stephjen was one) received a wish. A wish for anything. Stephjen never knew what to wish for..if you don’t know anything about outside of your world, you’ll never be dreaming for something else. Now she’d seen something else, she wanted it for sure.

The wishnight came. She wanted food. She wasn’t prepared for what would come next.

A zap in the sky.

Lord Egglemaniac turned up. He was the archenemy of the Cheesums. Without warning, the IFO (Identified Flying Object; she knew EXACTLY that it was the Egg Fleet Destroyer) simply sucked her up. No chance to resist.

Those rays were created using the Clearly Besotted ‘Under The Weather’ new stencil. I stencilled Oxide Spiced Marmalade through, then stencilled Versamark ink over the top so that clear embossing powder would stick. Then heat to set and cover the whole panel with Black Soot distress ink. The embossed rays will act as a resist to the black ink).

I intentionally wasn’t careful removing the original flecks of embossing powder, as it created an atmospheric look, that I added to with the gel pen circles. I wanted to make it look like there was sparkle in the air from the light of Egglemaniac’s craft.

We will have to leave poor Stephjen being forcibly sucked through the air. As with all serial stories, you’ll have to come back tomorrow if you want to find out what happens next, and another idea on how to use this wonderful set!

Keren x

PS- if you’ve any ideas for what might happen Stephjen in my story- please do add them in the comments, I just might change my story to incorporate your ideas!

Now, please pop over to the Clearly Besotted blog for more amazing ideas, then whizz around to Michelle & Lisa’s blogs to see what galactic wonders they’ve created! We’ve also got a lovely guest this month- Joy Taylor, so do visit her too!


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PaperArtsy Mushroom Bag

Well Hi! Hope you’re having a great day.

Tonight I’m over on the PaperArtsy blog with a slightly unusual project.

We have a fortnightly theme over with PaperArtsy and they’ve just started a Mushroom theme. Sometimes I like being abstract with themes, but today I went completely literal.

Here’s a sneaky peek…

Do head over to the PaperArtsy blog and let me know what you think…and what the most unusual thing you’ve ever made is!!

See you soon!

Keren x

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PaperArtsy New Zinski Release

Hey everyone! So happy to be bringing you a little sneak peek and directing you off to the main PaperArtsy blog.

Elena has always produced some ridiculously fun and quirky stamp sets; this time all animal based and you’re going to LOVE them!

I got a hold of the mice sets. Or mices. Stickler for grammar that I am, I can forgive the Zinski sets anything as they’re so fun and funky!

Here’s a little peek….

If you want to see a little more…pop over here

Let me know if you love them too!

Keren xx

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