Clearly Besotted December Teasers Day 3

Hi again! Hope today is going well for you. I’ve a wintry card that could be Christmassy, could be a winter birthday. This set is called ‘In The Woods’ and has the cutest characters.

Ronald and Ruthie are playing in the woods chasing Hedgie during their lunch hour. Training to be one of Santa’s reindeer is a tough job and they need a little R&R to cope with the rigours of training! Yes, I went a little mad with green sky, but I think it kinda works!

You can see that there’s plenty of snow and lots of glitter. The background is easy to stamp several times- it’s easy to match up and create a longer scene. I’ve coloured the background with alcohol markers and added lots of white gel pen details.

Hedgie isn’t making it easy for them to catch him but it’s keeping them all warm ( you can see their rosy cheeks!)

Hopefully this has whetted your appetite to go and check out Clearly Besotted’s projects and then pop over to see Michelle and then our lovely guests Francine and Alberto.

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Clearly Besotted December Teasers Day 2

Hey! So after telling you that we weren’t doing so much Christmas, I actually have 2 seasonal cards this release. The first set I’m using is ‘Out In The Cold’ which feels somewhat apt given that everyone seems to be cold at the moment.

You’ll notice a whole set of reindeer but I’ve just masked the 3 different reindeer. Once I’d masked and stamped all of them, I masked all of them and inked the sky.

The icebergs are also part of the set. You can see that Rudolph is out front and centre and I’ve drawn in reigns although left Santa out of the equation as he’s not part of the set but all the reindeers are suggestive of that!

You can see all the glitter. I’ve splashed water onto the Distress sky and removed with a paper towel to give texture and then added white gel pen circles and blobs of glitter too.

You can tell they’re all very happy and busy taking the sledge chock full of presents. What is clear is that they’ll all deliver the gifts in time. I wonder if they’ve got any on there for me?! 😉

More fun can be had seeing Clearly Besotted’s wonderful cards on their Facebook page or Instagram account and then there’s Michelle to see and our lovely guests Francine and Alberto.

Hope to see you tomorrow with something sparkly and wintery! x

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Clearly Besotted December Teasers Day 1

Hi everyone! How are you doing?

Rolling around again with the Clearly Besotted Teasers, and we’ve 5 days of lovely new stamp sets. We’re not covering Christmas much as lots of you have been past that ( although not me, I’ve barely started!! 😂)

Today’s card is using the ‘On The Farm’ and I imagined that the farm gang were out on a really blowy day and got swept into the air to create this fun scene!

I’ve mostly coloured the stamped images with alcohol markers and then added the details using Prismacolor pencils. I’ve partially die cut a circle from the top of a folded card and then trimmed out the sides towards the edges of the card.

Don’t they look like they’re having fun- although Chick gets scared of heights and isn’t having as good a time as the rest of his farmyard pals.

As usual there’s plenty more inspiration for you. Do visit Clearly Besotted either on their Facebook page or Instagram account.

Then there’s my awesome teammate Michelle and our guests for this month Alberto and Francine.

I’m back tomorrow with a Christmassy card,

See you then x

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Clearly Besotted Release Day – Frozen Friends

Hey! It’s Release Day! We’re looking at the Frozen Friends stamp set today. A set chocka full of fun and favourite characters!

There’s a whole tonne of magic in the air in this little scene. As usual, Clearly Besotted have added lots of little detail stamps like the snowflakes and icy ‘whooshes’. I think I might have gone a little mad with the gel pen!

The snowman seems surprised by the whoosh of icy magic emitting from the castle. He can almost taste the glittery shards and is waiting for his friend to come out and play.

Lots of pen work and glitter. Love those little snowflakes too! Blue is not a colour I used very much, so I had to add a little pop of colour with the orange layer. I really have enjoyed working with these sets. I hope you do too.

Are you still looking for Christmassy sets or is your eye firmly beyond towards Spring?

Hope to see you again soon,

Keren x

November 1, 2022 at 8:00 am 1 comment

Clearly Besotted Teasers – Dainty Dandelions

We’re getting closer to release day and today we’re looking ahead to spring. Haha. I know we’re not even into Christmas yet, but I’m all for warmer days and flowers! Today us the Dainty Dandelions set, and, well they don’t have to be dandelion colours!

I didn’t want to do traditional dandelions, where’s the fun in that?! I’ve just added lots of colour with pinks, oranges and yellows, outlining them all some aqua coloured Prismacolor pencil adding depth.

The sentiment is from last month’s release ‘Blooming Poppy Plushies’ and seemed a good fit for this fun little card.

These little friends are so happy jumping in and out of the flowers! So many happy moments!

Please now go over to visit Clearly Besotted‘s blog (and on Instagram too) and then onto my lovely teamie Michelle Short. Lastly pop over to visit our fabulous guest designers Kitty Day and Francine Vuilleme and to see some inspirational projects.

Tomorrow it’s Release Day- be sure to pop back for a little icy magic!

Keren x

October 31, 2022 at 8:00 am 1 comment

Clearly Besotted Teasers – Snowdrop Scenes

Welcome back. Today there’s something wintery and beautiful. Perfect for winter AND Christmas!

I got out some mixed media items. Not much- but just a little different. I love using embossing paste and then sprinkling glitter on it. It adds some nice dimension to the piece. I used the Basic Spots II stencil from Clearly Besotted with the embossing paste.

Tonnes of glitter- but still a subdued card! I stamped onto some patterned paper to add texture to the piece and added a load of glitter glue to the penguins flower. I added detailing with alcohol markers and Prismacolor pencils. Notice that the little penguin is falling down the glittery dots, and that sentiment is just perfect!

Please now go over to visit Clearly Besotted‘s blog (and on Instagram too) and then onto my favourite teamie Michelle Short. Lastly pop over to visit our fabulous guest designers Alberto Gava,  Francine Vuilleme and Kitty Day to see some inspirational projects.

Hope to see you tomorrow,

Love, Keren x

October 30, 2022 at 9:00 am 2 comments

Clearly Besotted Teasers – Snowdrop Corners

Hello again! So glad you’ve popped back to see the next Clearly Besotted Teasers featuring Snowdrop Corners today. Corner stamps are perfect for cards and particularly tags, which is what I’ve created here.

It’s a layered tag. You might know that I love Dura-Lar sheets by Grafix and this tag uses it with Prismacolor pencils. It’s such a wonderfully smooth surface that it takes pencils so beautifully. You can see where I made an error though – not waiting for the ink to dry. I used a permanent ink , but the pencil can sometimes smudge it. On reflection I really should have stamped on the reverse and coloured on the opposite side. You can see the smudge below.

The white cardstock behind is super useful – as this is what gives the contrast or as you can see on the photo below, it’s a very soft look. I had a second thought after I’d stamped it, and wanted to make the reindeer into Rudolph. I added a little red, which kinda spoiled it. Sometimes its best to leave your initial ideas well alone!

It’s such a gorgeous set and whether you use it for a winter greeting or a wonderful Christmassy card, I know you’ll do something amazing with it. There’s a great poinsettia corner on the set too.

Do visit the Clearly Besotted‘s blog (and on Instagram too) and then onto my favourite teamie Michelle Short. Lastly pop over to Instagram to visit our lovely guest- Kitty Day and our resident guest Francine Vuilleme

Hope to see you tomorrow here again,

Keren x

October 29, 2022 at 8:00 am 1 comment

Clearly Besotted Teasers- Flutterby Friends

Hello! How are you? Enjoying this weird autumnal/fall weather ? I tell you, my chief talent at the moment is putting the washing out minutes before it rains!! Less about the weather and more about the lovely new release from Clearly Besotted which launches on November 1st.. and I can hardly believe we’re heading into November!

This set is called Flutterby Friends and is such a sweet set.

I love the oversized butterflies and the adorable bunny holding the flowers. I thought a circular card might be a refreshing change. Just add a little strip of green cardstock and trim around the bottom of the circle.

Lots of little details- adding the green pen dashes around the edge, the butterfly trails and white dots. all my favourite things- adding the details.

Simple details coloured in with Copic markers. What would you do with the set?

Do visit the Clearly Besotted‘s blog (and on Instagram too) and then onto my favourite teamie Michelle Short. Lastly pop over to Instagram to visit our guests- including Kitty Day and our resident guest Francine Vuilleme

Please pop back tomorrow for another look at these fabulous new sets!

Keren x

October 28, 2022 at 8:00 am 1 comment

Clearly Besotted October Release Day !

We made it, through flowers and snow! A little more snow today and the world’s friendliest snowmen.

The set is called ‘Build A Snowman’ and it’s just got lots of heartfelt charm and little folksy hearts. I absolutely love it!

I’m not very good with pastels, but thought I’d embrace it anyway. See the snow? Why can’t you have button snow in a winter wonderland!

I thought the sentiment was wonderfully ironic. Nothing warm about the snow nor the snowmen, but hey, the thought was there!!

Please now go over to visit Clearly Besotted‘s blog (and on Instagram too) and then onto my favourite teamie Michelle Short. Lastly pop over to visit our fabulous guest designers Alberto Gava and Francine Vuilleme to see some wonderful projects.

As usual, the Clearly Besotted release goes live at 8pm GMT. Wahoooo!

All sets are available tonight on the Clearly Besotted store and also from Art CreatiuCloud 9 CraftsCard Nouveau and Simon Says Stamp too.

Don’t forget to enter into the giveaway to win the whole September release over on Clearly Besotted’s Facebook page- you could win it all!

Do let me know which ones have been your favourites!

Keren xx

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Clearly Besotted October Teasers Day 4

Hey! How are you?

Everyone is loving these new sets. 1 more day and you can get your inky hands on these lovely stamps. Today I’m looking at Nordic Plushies again but I’ve added the ‘Polar Pals’ background to complete the scene.

The little penguin looks really cold, floating away on a mini iceberg. It’s actually the mode of transport they use around Antarctica. You simply wait for a floating piece, hop on and it takes you wherever you want to go- or at least wherever the current is going!

His hat is just adorable isn’t it. Such a cutie! Plenty of snow and I’ve coloured using a combination of Copic markers and Prismacolor pencils.

I loved the ironic sentiment. Perfect for a wintry smile. It would make the perfect fun Christmas card too!

Next, it’s time to see some more loveliness from the Clearly Besotted team and our guest designers.

It would be amazing if you visited Clearly Besotted‘s blog (and on Instagram too) and then onto my fabulous teamie Michelle Short. Lastly pop over to visit our fabulous guest designers Francine Vuilleme, Adelle Emery, and Alberto Gava to see some fabulous stamped projects.

See you for Release Day tomorrow,


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