G├╝termann fabric meets Luna Lapin!

Hi everyone.

Hope you’re having a lovely day!

In the spirit of trying all things new, I dug out a book I’d bought a few months ago and decided that today was the day to give birth.

Well, to create a soft toy at least ­čśé!

This is the book I decided to use with my G├╝termann fabric and Vlieseline that was generously sent to me.

And here is Rosie in all her glory- well I had to link her to G├╝termann somehow! As the fabric collections have the umbrella name ‘Ring a Roses’, I thought it fitted her beautifully.

You start off with felt, fabric and a pattern. You’ll need stuffing, thread and interfacing!

Once the pattern pieces are cut out, you need to use interfacing on the ears. I used Vlieseline 180 . Next you sew the pieces together in the order specified.

Because you’ve used felt, you can put the edges on the outside, you can just whipstitch, apart from the ears which I machine sewed. It comes together quite quickly. I made Rosie and her dress in one day.

Then once all together you simply embroider on the nose and sew buttons for her eyes. You can see her gorgeous florally feet above, and the next picture shows her ears

You’ll have to excuse the raw seams in place behind her neck; I’ve not popped the poppers on the back of her dress yet!

Then for the dress I added the Cosy Mood floral collection with Pure Colours. See here to see the range. I adapted the dress pattern in the book slightly to have a plain insert as the flowers are quite large for her petite stature and I wanted to break up the flower in the middle.

She’s getting ready to go shopping here- although she won’t be going anywhere until I’ve made her some shoes, a coat and a shopping bag; although with increasingly warmer weather, she might get away with just her dress!

Hope you like her as much as I loved making her. What sort our outfit should I make her next ( allowing for the fact that was my first dress pattern!!)

See you soon,

Keren x


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Clearly Besotted May Release Day : Owl Meets Harry

Can you believe it? Release Day has finally arrived.

They seem to speed up every release. I’ve had so much fun cooking up stories to accompany the stamped projects and to finish on a small ‘ta-dah’ we have Ollie and his mad juggling skills.

I rather liked the sentiment from the new set ‘Wise Owl’. As soon as I saw the little apple in the set I just knew that Ollie would be jiggling some. The only issue is that in order to do that amount, you rather need some help, or at the very least, a little magic.

I can do magic without magic…just by using an acetate semicircle ( or rather a crudely cut freehand one) as I could be bothered finding the metal plate to make my dies cut acetate! ).

Ollie, on the other hand was harbouring a deep longing he’d had from childhood that wished he could spin apples. Magically suspend them mid air. Not just juggling- next level super juggling!! He’d always thought that 6 was a fair number. If only.

He knew it could never happen. The magic within him was limited to disappearing a coin under his feathered wing when a unsuspecting owlet wasn’t watching. It’s all in the end of the feathers his falcon magic teacher had explained. There isn’t anything real about magic.

Ollie knew that this was simply untrue and decided to keep hoping. The day that it all became a reality was when he was swooping through a volery of Little Owls, and he saw a number of people having free for owl dance off (sorry). In the middle was none other than Harry.

Harry Pottery.

Only the most famous ‘hoot’enanny organiser in the world!! (Look- I know you’ve come here for the projects, so I’ll try and wrap up the story!) Harry was known to have a little magic up his sleeve…along with lots of brightly coloured feathers, and he stared deeply into Ollie’s soul, and said ‘yes.’

‘Yes?’ questioned Ollie.

‘Yes, but 9’ Harry cryptically replied.

As the music grew louder, and sparks flew, Ollie found himself stood on some books ( which I’ve stacked together using the other images books underneath to create height) and one by one, Harry whizzed some Jazz Apples his way.

Before you could say ‘owl’s well that ends well’, it was magic; 9 gloriously shiny apples, hovering mysteriously over Ollie’s head.

Pottery shouted as he left ‘owl be back’ and Ollie knew his life would never quite reach this height ever again.

Forgive the slightly odd strips of coloured cardstock, it was supposed to be ‘owl magical’ and didn’t quite hit the spot!!

The magic doesn’t stop here though! The full Clearly Besotted release is available at 8pm GMT at the Clearly Besotted store and also at Simon Says Stamp!

Whilst you’re waiting for them to go live, do flit over to the Clearly Besotted blog to see wondrous things! Then soar past Michelle’s as she has a teaser post plus her release roundup a little later!

Thanks so much for joining me again this month. I’ve loved your company!

I also love to know which sets have captured your imagination too!


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G├╝termann & Vlieseline Clutch Bag

Hello everyone.

Today’s post is a little different. I was very fortunate to have been sent some amazing fabric and threads from G├╝termann and some indispensable and ‘unseen’ yet marvellous products from Vlieseline.

I wanted to make a clutch with a statement. Hang on, I know what you’re thinking….’I did not know G├╝termann did fabric’! Nope- neither did I until recently at the U.K. trade show Stitches where I saw it all. Honestly, it’s hard to describe how lovely it is and it is gorgeous quality cotton. They don’t just do cotton- but more on that later! I had 3 fabrics to use and wanted to start my set of projects with something that would champion the Pure Colour fabric.

You can see the range. The one I’ve used is 383 but due to monitor colours- it’s hard to replicate the colour on photographs. It is a really vivid pinky red. Utterly gorgeous. Anyhow- let’s show you what I made and I talk about how I made it!

In the spirit of doing all things new. I wanted to try a new technique. The brick (and little bow effect) technique is something called Canadian Smocking. I hadn’t heard of it before and kinda stumbled across it. Sure, I’d heard and seen of English smocking, but this is a rather wonderful stitched and fabric manipulation effect that is way easier than it looks!

The next photo gives you an idea of how you create it. My initial try was done using a piece of scrap as I didn’t want to mess up the decent stuff!! You draw a grid onto the reverse of your fabric- mine was using 1 inch squares. Your fabric, with this particular design will halve in size once sewn, so you need to double the starting area plus allow for any extra seam allowance you may need. You then draw a design on. It’s simple to stitch but hard to describe in words, so if you fancy seeing a tutorial, check out this useful one

Once it is sewn and secured, you turn over and gently squash and move the fabric into the repeating brick design. Lots of Canadian Smocking is done using shiny and soft fabric. Cotton works well too, but does need a little more persuading to go into the correct position! I pinned mine carefully and then added a little Best Press (which is a delicious smelling spray starch alternative). Because the pins were still in, I hovered the iron over without touching the fabric, just to give it a light amount of heat; enough to give a slight set.

Then I removed the pins, pressed it properly and sewed around the edges past the blocks to help keep in shape whilst I cut out the bag.

Next came the structure specialists: Vlieseline!! The smocking actually adds a depth and slight give to the fabric, so I only needed to use Vlieseline H630 which is an Iron-On Low Loft fusible batting (roughly translated- irons on and gives some structure and also a little padding to your project) onto the back portion of the bag. For the smocked side, I felt it just needed some interfacing, so used Vlieseline H250 which gave it structure but no bulk or padding. For the full range of Vlieseline products, visit their site here .

Making up the bag was quite straightforward. Because the smocked ‘bricks’ are not secured at the edges, I knew I needed to contain them a top and bottom border. With hindsight, I’d have tried to secure the sides too, but every project is a learning experience. I simply added a border from the beautiful Cosy Moods collection allowing the seam to come on the edge of the bricks so it held them securely.

Next I needed to trim the panels to size and match the same size with the reverse and two lining pieces which are also from the Cosy Moods range. Yes, they are not matching, but the colours are, and it makes for a more of a contemporary look. I wanted something I go out with that didn’t look like I’d borrowed it from a very old person. I straightened up the edges easily with my Fiskars Rotary Cutter and then sewed the bag up as a simple zippered pouch.

You can see the lining fabric on this next picture (Art 647744 Col.191). I did a pouch with the zip sticking upwards to show the chunky zip off! The front bow was easily created by simply squeezing the top and bottom edge of a brick together and securing by sewing the two edges together. I only wanted to do one so it didn’t become too fussy.

This is the reverse fabric (Art. 647742 Col. 965) and I absolutely adore it. To see the whole G├╝termann range (including patterned polyester, sateen and jersey), visit here . For stockists please email here. I will be creating more samples with these fabric and then posted a video on YouTube showing them all. You can also see the matching G├╝termann threads that have been produced for the collection. I could hardly sew without their threads!!

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed taking a little look at the G├╝termann and Vlieseline products. They partner so beautifully. I can’t wait to get sewing with the fabric again. Watch this space! …..


April 30, 2019 at 9:04 am 2 comments

Clearly Besotted May Teasers Day 4: George, DonÔÇÖt Do That

Hello again! Hope you’re all sitting comfortably? Well I’ll begin ­čśë

Today’s lesson will be covering the following..how the new set ‘Being Schooled’ is really rather good and also why it’s always best to listen to what the teacher has to say!

I do love a well stocked classroom. Most of us who know teachers, know that they often kit out lots of it using their own pay, but that’s another discussion for a separate time.

Here’s my scene and the background is from the other new stamp set ‘Picture It Classroom’.

Imagine if you will, that the most of class are actually off ill. It started off with Ethel being slightly sick at home, but much to the other parents annoyance she was still sent into school and did a rather good job of infecting most of the class because she just loved to hug, kiss and lick the other kids.

Two are left. George and Kiki. Kiki is the one who has her head in the book. She might only be six, but just like Roald Dahl’s Matilda, she’s a precocious child who would much rather get lost in a story which is expanding her imagination than get her fingers messy with the photocopied worksheets transferring ink onto her fingers. George on the other hand is all about mess. His friend Roger’s Mum told his Mum that Roger wouldn’t be in ‘because she was worn out from cleaning up the remains of a D&V bug and now Roger was swinging from the chandeliers but couldn’t return because of the ’48 hour rule”. George was glum. Kiki was no fun and so he decided to put on his bright blue backpack and run around the outside of the table making ‘vrrrrooooooomm’ noises. The class teacher, Mrs Hippola was feeling weak. Her stomach had been churning since yesterday, but, like the trooper she was, she still turned up to teach her dwindling number of pupils.

She quietly mumbled from the corner of the classroom ‘George, don’t do that’. But George being George simply didn’t listen.

Kiki continued to ignore the childish behaviour until with a masterful spin of his ‘lightweight plane’, George managed to knock the Nuvo Alcohol coloured plantpot off the table! The terracotta pot shattered into a million tiny pieces and Mrs Hippola silently wished that parents would buy more indestructible thankyou gifts next year. Again she said ‘George don’t do that’ just a little louder and he stopped momentarily then continued the vrooming in earnest. Mrs Hippola wondered whether the previous Education Minister Mr Hippogove’s idea of introducing a more advanced curriculum was having any effect as she stared bleakly at the chalkboard and realised that she actually didn’t know the answer to the question either.

She certainly was a super-hero, just like the sentiment from the stamp set, and yet had an ominous feeling as the plane pilot started to clutch his stomach.

Kiki continued obliviously and it was as if Mrs Hippola could see it coming..in slow motion.

She marshalled her aching body off her chair and padded over towards a whirling boy who was now sporting a shade of green on his face. ‘George, please come over and sit down. I don’t think you’re very well’. George looked at her but was unsure whether the remains of his breakfast was about to make an unwelcome return or it was simply a side effect of doing too many loop-the-loops. Childish optimism got the better of him and he continued spinning. Mrs H grabbed the nearest thing- a brightly coloured pencil pot and lurched towards him- trying to aim towards his mouth. Too late. It was indeed his breakfast. Kiki chose this moment to adjust her dress and because she wasn’t looking…she slipped in…..

Mrs Hippola sighed. She wondered whether she would get a day off because all of the kids were the right side of the 48 hour rule and for the first time that week, a tiny smile crept onto her face!!

The end..

Ha! I’m sorry. My imagination has a habit of running away with me!!

The stamps are so fabulous that you can dream up silly stories as a result. I do hope I haven’t put any of you off your meals! Maybe I should usher you quickly towards the sick free Clearly Besotted blog and then onto the perfect pair that are Lisa and Michelle.

I’m still doing one more project- to highlight release day, so please return tomorrow, if you dare!!


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Clearly Besotted May Teasers Day 3: One Lonely Kitty

Welcome back to day 3.

Hasn’t it been full of inspiring projects from Clearly Besotted and the team!

Well today I’ve used a project using the Sitting Here Thinking set.

This little kitty is sitting on the bench during her lunch hour. She’s not been in the job very long and hasn’t had a chance to make friends. The other kitties in the office haven’t been very welcoming, so, rather than stew in the slightly oppressive staff canteen, she’s thrown caution to the wind and popped outside to a local park and is taking in the sweet sunshine and gently balmy spring air.

To get the look was easy- the scenery actually comes with the set, so it’s very easy to put a card together. I’ve simply stamped it and coloured using the Nuvo Alcohol Markers. I did stamp and cut out Bella ( the cat) but there are matching dies to go with the set available on May 1st.

You can see the cloud background- just made by freehand cutting some cloud shapes and adding a little Distress ink. Easy to do.

Well, back to Bella. She decided that trying to ingratiate herself into the office life was probably more hassle than it was worth. She noticed an ad on Facebook for dog walkers and thought it was about time that cats got a look in!! Last time I heard, you could still find Bella on the same park bench, but sat amongst other dog walking colleagues and her loneliness is nowhere to be found. Sometimes you just need to find your tribe!

I do hope you’ve fallen in love with the set as much as I have. Before you write your wish list, do visit Clearly Besotted’s blog for a tonne of inspiration then hurry over to see Lisa and Michelle who always have something wonderful to see!

I hopefully will see you tomorrow with George and a whole lot of stress! xx

April 29, 2019 at 8:00 am 8 comments

Clearly Besotted May Teasers Day 2: A Village Fayre

Helllooo!! Happy Sunday to you all.

Thankyou for the lovely comments yesterday! It does encourage me when you like what I’ve created!

Today is an uncertain story; a make your own ending up.

I saw the banners and balloons in the Magical Plushies set and wanted to use the plushies to create a posh little table for a bring and buy table. I suppose in the quaint well-heeled villages one doesn’t just do ‘bring and buy’- perhaps they’d all been made by the local WI or possibly a generous donation from the nearby Lord. I thought they’d all look lovely carefully heaped onto a colourful tablecloth.

The grass is obviously a cut above the norm. Don’t all English villages have chevron grass?!! I’ve continued colouring with the Nuvo Alcohol pens.

Possibly, this could be a rather fun birthday scene. Although, the little narwhal on top, looks like his spike has harpooned the bunch of balloons and is about to be jettisoned over the perfectly manicured grass!

Whatever the scene, you can be sure that cucumber sandwiches and clotted cream scones are close to hand and everyone went home after a jolly splendid day!

Now you’re thinking about a picnic, do take the trouble of attending the Clearly Besotted blog then call on Marchioness Michelle and Lady Lisa!!

See you tomorrow to try and cheer a little kitty up!


April 28, 2019 at 8:00 am 7 comments

Clearly Besotted May Teasers Day 1: Scouse Seahorses

Hello lovely blog readers.

That title isn’t meant to be insulting, but it is provocative! Having lived in the wonderful city of Liverpool for over 20 years- I thought I’d have a comment on it!

Scouse girlies locally are known for dressing up to go out, and they take getting ready really seriously. When I started colouring these seahorses, I went with a rather unusual colour combo- you could say that it’s a little like the old style packaging of Refreshers sweets! But I did want a little glamour; bold and bright and just like the girl groups you’ll find out and about on the streets of Liverpool, all dressed to the nines and full of fun!

Aren’t they just gorgeous! I wanted to create a syngnathid of seahorses (yes, I had to google the collective noun for them). I love the plumes and eyelashes. I wanted to cluster them together so they looked like they were going out! All the colouring was using Nuvo Alcohol markers.

I decided to build the scene using some gold cardstock and foam pads. I love how you can create scenes using all the little images from the set. The other thing that reminds me of scouse girls is the ‘curls’ on the seahorses. I remember being really surprised a few years ago seeing so many girls out in their curlers- they were everywhere. I became quite used to it, until one day I went for a coffee and the girl serving me was actually wearing rollers. I couldn’t peel my eyes away!

Anyhow, this next picture shows you all the dimension and the shimmying girls going out out.

The set is a called ‘Sweet Seahorses’ and I can see it being used for lots of occasions!

Don’t go swimming off before you’ve popped across to the Clearly Besotted Blog,

then wriggle over to see Michelle & Lisa. 

I am back tomorrow with a Traditional Village Fayre or possibly a classy bring and buy! ­čśë


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