Clearly Besotted Nov Release Day!

Hey! It’s release day and all the new sets are available at 8pm GMT.

Today I’m showing the ‘It’s A Celebration’ set and I wanted to do a different type of card layout. I always design cards that place the image centrally or to the right. To buck the trend, we’re going left!!!

It has to be said that the bright red berries are kinda taking over for the fight for your attention. The balloons look rather like the faux cranberries and the little critters are partying ready for Christmas. Truth be told , the colouring is pretty naff so I cooked up a snowstorm to divert your eye ( but the berries were already doing that! ). The snowstorm got a little out of control but the little guys didn’t mind so much- preferring to be joyful over their berry balloons!!

The frame is raised because I wanted to slot in a sideways tag but honestly, it looked weird! So I just left the heightened frame and gave up!

Some cards just don’t want to be made! I hope you’ll give the stamp set a second look as it is really awesome!!!

I’m hoping you can see the real possibilities!

The Clearly Besotted blog is still awash with gorgeous projects and Michelle has her infamous videos!

All sets and stencils are available from 8pm GMT tonight on the Clearly Besotted store and Simon Says Stamp

I intend on creating something more worthy once I get home; I’m currently surrounded by fabric and Papercrafting supplies at a retail show…it’s a hard life! 😉😂

Keren x

November 1, 2019 at 8:00 am 4 comments

Clearly Besotted Nov Teasers Day 4

Hi everyone! We have raced through the past 3 days and here we are at Teasers Day 4.

I’m using Balloon Bunch Backdrops again plus Balloon Bunch Buddies.

I’ve just got a little oinker, hanging around, trying to fly up to see what’s beyond the top of a rainbow…

He looks a little pensive- like he’s afraid that the balloon will burst. Thankfully it’s super strong latex- perfectly suited for high altitude balloon soaring.

He’s leaving a little magical trail of sparkly bacon dust and thanks to Nuvo drops, we can all see the trail that he’s blazing!

These sets can be used with just about creatures- and I love the oversized balloons. You need something to support his pigglicious frame 😂😉.

As always, we’ve some awesomely artistic pieces from the Clearly Besotted blog then follow the trotter trail to Michelle .

I’m back for the wonderful release day tomorrow with a blizzard ( which is just as well to hide some rather dodgy colouring!!!).


October 31, 2019 at 8:00 am 3 comments

Clearly Besotted Nov Teasers Day 3

Hey! How are you today?

Thanks for all your lovely comments about the Clearly Besotted Teasers. Aren’t they lovely sets?!

Today I’m using ‘Balloon Bunch’ set. Have you noticed a theme in the new release yet? 😉😂

I wanted to make some fun tags and whipped out one of my most used tag die sets too.

The die set is called Tag Along, and although it’s just slipped out of stock, if you add your email address to this link, they’ll email you once it’s back in!

I wanted some vibrant balloons, so picked some bright Nuvo Alcohol Markers and picked out some details using my white gel pen marker- what would I do without it!!!

The backgrounds were simply stamped and then coloured in lighter blues. I don’t know what was up with me; I really don’t do fussy but I quite enjoyed creating the simple pattern. I added some matching ribbons and twine; I really needed to get my ribbon mountain reduced. At this rate, it’s going to be a while!

There are some great sentiments with this set, so perfect for many occasions. They’ll also match perfectly with the critters in the couple of new sets too. Everything works together seamlessly!

Before we float off into the sunset, it’s worth popping across to the Clearly Besotted Blog, then bob across to Michelle and Lisa !

Back tomorrow for some more peeks!


October 30, 2019 at 8:50 am 3 comments

Clearly Besotted Nov Teasers Day 2

Hello again! So glad you’ve come back to Day 2 of the Clearly Besotted Teasers. Now, for something a little different and not what you’d expect to see with a Clearly Besotted set. It’s not really what the set is for, but I have a thing about hexagons and wanted to do something fun!

The set is called ‘Teeny Tags’ and it’s pretty self explanatory!!

I know there aren’t matching die sets but you really don’t need one. Simple straight lines around some stamped images and I’ve just used up some bits of patterned paper I had lying around. The black card base really helps the colour pop and of course, where would I be without my trusty white gel pen!! The sentiment is part of the set too and there are lots of little tag shapes plus an alphabet.

I love the simplicity and the movement created by stacking a few shapes together. It’s easy enough for anyone to do and there’s no colouring needed which always makes for a speedy finish!

As it’s all pretty quick and easy here, you probably need some more complex inspiration and you’re bound to get that over at the Clearly Besotted blog plus Lisa and Michelle will have something fabulous for you to see too!

I’ve another quick and mini project tomorrow so do pop back then!

Have a lovely day,

Keren x

October 29, 2019 at 8:12 am 5 comments

Clearly Besotted Nov Teasers Day One!

Well hey everyone! The countdown to the beginning of the Clearly Besotted has rolled around again. We’re off!!!

Today’s project combines two new sets; ‘Balloon Bunch Backdrops’ and ‘Balloon Bunch Buddies’. Try saying that quickly!!

I wanted to create a space themed card and pictured the little guys getting lost in space whilst stuck inside their balloons.

It left me with the slight issue of how to show they were actually inside the balloons so I decided to stamp the balloon and critter together and simply cut out the middles using a craft knife. I do love a therapeutic bit of fussy cutting!

The little guys were stamped and coloured with a little alcohol markers before adding some more colour and texture with Prismacolors. Pencil and marker combo is a great shortcut!

I stamped the background galaxy onto the base card and then coloured with alcohol markers and added some purples and blues using AquaFlow markers. Add in a little white gel pen and it’s done! There are lots of fab sentiments with the Balloon Bunch Buddies to choose from. Reach for the stars just fitted perfectly!

We’re here for the next few days until release day on the 1st November and you’ve got the Clearly Besotted Blog to visit every day plus my lovely teamies – Michelle Short and Lisa Tilson

I’ll be back tomorrow with some more stampy goodness!



October 28, 2019 at 8:00 am 7 comments

Tonic Studios Wonderful Wishes Release!

Hello everyone! I’m so happy to be joining in the Tonic Studios new Stamp set release online party!

Tonic Studios have released 5 fabulous new sets. I got two of them- and I’ve created some fun samples using them. Read on for a 10% off code link for the Tonic Studios Store!

The first set is called Jolly Marshmallow Snowman and there are SO many different things you can do with them. Here’s the first idea- some fun tags!

Here’s what the set actually looks like!

I’ve created a video for the party- and you can see it here!

There are lots of things you can do- and if you don’t want a set to just be used at Christmas- you certainly can send coffee / chocolate or tea themed cards too just using the tea cup or the coffee mug.

To colour these cute marshmallow snowmen, I’ve just used

Nuvo Alcohol markers,

Glacier White embossing powder,

AquaFlow markers

and the stamping was done using Nuvo Hybrid Black Shadow Ink and Clear Mark Ink ( for the embossing). The fab Craft Perfect cardstock is available here too.

My next project is using the FREE digital download which is clothes and extra elements

to make a complete Christmas set for the Garden Party ‘Celebrate Life’ stamp set critters! Aren’t they cute!

And my last project is using another of the new sets called Warm Cocoa Wishes. Perfect for Christmas or simply sending warm wintery wishes!

Its an adorable set…

It’s not a difficult look to achieve; just a little no-line colouring with Nuvo Alcohol markers after stamping with Metro Grey Nuvo Hybrid Ink

To help the party along, I’ve a discount code for you to get 10% off your shop! So if you follow this link for the U.K store and this link for the USA store. It can’t be combined with another voucher or code but it’ll take 10% off!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the new sets. All the sets can be seen here.

There’s more inspiration and fun going on at the Tonic Studios Blog – so pop over and see what everyone else has been up to!

See you soon!

Keren xx

October 11, 2019 at 1:00 pm 6 comments

Review of Gütermann Professional Jeans Thread

Hi everyone!

Thought I’d pop on with a review of some Professional Jeans Thread that I was kindly sent from Gütermann to test out.

They are polyester threads in 6 different shades and have a gorgeous sheen to them. They are a substantial thread- which you obviously need because it’s going through jean/denim fabric and initially I was wondering if my fairly basic domestic Singer sewing machine would handle it. I needed a new skirt, and I love upcycling clothes so decided to make another ‘2 pairs of jeans into one skirt!

To start off- buy a pair of jeans that are your correct size as these will be the ones around your waist and hips. Find a matching ( or contrasting!!) pair of jeans that aren’t too skinny as you need plenty of fabric to become the centre of your skirt.

When I’ve made these previously, accepted wisdom is that you simply cut up against the seam on the inside legs but it does fray for quite a while, so instead, I unpicked it. You can see in this photo the unpicked front and the back already has jeans material inserted. You need to unpick all the way up towards the fly until the seam up to the fly is able to lay flat- you can see it on this next pic if you look closely.

Now simply cut around the top of the other pair of jeans so you have as long a length of leg as possible. You want to cut along the outside seam this time, as the inner seam will form the middle – or simply pick the seam that looks the best. Lay it carefully under the carefully flattened legs and match up the bottom of the new leg with the bottom of the main skirt seams. Then pin. And pin. And pin. Trust me- you want these seams to be laid out correctly and then get sewing!

The thread….it sewed like a dream. It went through the fabric easily with the help of a jeans needle and I had no issues with it at all. It’s gorgeously strong and I’m not going to be worried about the strength of my seams anytime soon!

I do love making my clothing unique- and I had a fabric sample I’d been given which epitomises my love of classic literature, and made me feel a little Austen-esque ( despite the clothes being the wrong period) as I gazed at the majestic houses on the fabric. I simply cut a rough larger shape tracing around the back pockets. Then sew ( still with the Gütermann jeans thread) and press. These pictures are pre-pressed!!

Isn’t the fabric gorgeous!!

My one slight complaint…and this is me being ultra fussy is that there is no RED thread. I do love a contrast and sewed my last skirt in contrast thread along the seams. It really gives dimension to your project! I wouldn’t be adverse to a bright orange or teal either 😂.

All in all, I thoroughly recommend the thread. Beautiful quality, feels super strong and a quality brand you can rely on. Oh- and if you’re less enamoured with fast fashion ( like me) do give the jeans skirt a go. I got 2 pairs from a charity shop for less than £7 and it took me about 2 hours to sew. A new skirt on less than an afternoon without a pattern is my kind a me-sew!!

I’d love to hear if any of you have tried the threads!

See you soon!

Keren x

October 4, 2019 at 11:04 am 1 comment

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