PaperArtsy Mash-up Altered Violin

Hello lovely friends!

I know it’s a while since I posted but life has been so very busy! I’m knee deep in a craft room clear out but popped on to show you one of my favourite projects that I’ve created in a while. I’ve given you a clue as to what it is in the title and here’s a sneak peek…

To see the finished article…do pop over to the PaperArtsy blog. I’d love to know if you’ve upcycled something unusual and what you’d do with a violin!

Keren x

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Clearly Besotted January Release Day!

How are you all today? Hope you’re excited about the new release, it’s really a fun one! If you’re anything like me, some days simply don’t go to plan. Things break, you fall over, bump your head and get cracking bruises.. or is that just me!! This little pussycat from ‘Purrfect Valentine’ is having one of those days….

Hahaha. I just adore his optimistically placed heart headband. Doesn’t the sentiment say it all?!!

I simply added some ‘stars’ that he’s seeing due to the bang on his head which was also due to slipping and falling thanks to the bottle that fell and broke when he swished his tail and it went flying. I love that the alcohol pens blended so perfectly and looked exactly like spilled wine!

The gold stars are from Little Things from Lucy’s Cards, and are just so dinky and cute (yes, I forgot to rub out the pencil lines but I didn’t want to smudge the glue on the stars!!)

We’re nearly at Release time! The release goes live at 8pm GMT. All sets are available tonight on the Clearly Besotted store and also from Simon Says Stamp and don’t forget the giveaway on Clearly Besotted’s page on Facebook.

There is still inspiration to come; do see Clearly Besotted’s blog and then Michelle for her usual round up and video inspiration!

Thanks for visiting this month- I’d love to know which set has been your favourite!

Keren x

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Clearly Besotted January Teasers Day 4

Well we’re nearly there, nearly at Release Day!

Today we’re taking a second look at the set ‘Gnome One Like You’. If you look at the scene, you could be forgiven for assuming there was a lovely, sweet old gnome couple…

These two gnomes might look sweetness and light.. and maybe they are! But look at the window of the mushroom house where there isn’t mush room… can you see the other gnome?

Is he in danger…is he lost, or is he hiding? He might look a little distressed..

Whether they’re creepy or cute, I did rather love the dried effect of the glitter glue; crackled and fun! It looks like my skin feels every morning!

The inspiration hasn’t ended -there’s still the Clearly Besotted blog plus Lisa and Michelle to visit yet.

Do come back tomorrow when I’ve got one last project for you before the Release is live!

Keren xx

December 31, 2020 at 8:00 am 6 comments

Clearly Besotted January Teasers Day 3

Hi there… I love a fun card and this set I’m showcasing today has a high level of snark! It’s called ‘Purrfect Valentine’ but just like so many of Clearly Besotted’s sets, it ain’t just for one occasion!

I just love this set. My daughter calls our cat grumpy and it reminds me of him…

It’s not his fault, poor Kovu, his face was created that way!!

The backstory to this scene is two sibling cats. There’s one longsuffering one called Suki (the ginger one) and the sneaky misbehaving one who looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth (she’s called Nori). Well Suki decided she’d have a little snooze. Whilst she was dozing, the owners best plant was delicately placed on her head, but not until Nori had swiped the bloom half off the top. She’d also balanced a valentine’s card next to it, temporarily stunned the friendly neighbourhood mouse and blamed it on Suki. You can understand why Suki is narked but why Nori?

Well her owner saw through the lies, and gave her a real tongue wagging. Suki wins the day! You can even see the glitter on the card. The sentiments are utterly brilliant in the set so I’ve used them but these would make a perfect Birthday card too!

Time to wander over to the Clearly Besotted Blog plus Michelle and Lisa.

See you again tomorrow,

Keren xx

December 30, 2020 at 8:00 am 6 comments

Clearly Besotted January Teasers Day 2

Welcome back! It’s so nice having a little more time to visit blogs and see what everyone’s been up to on social media. Today we’re looking at the set ‘Gnome One Like You’. Great title for a stamp set, isn’t it!

I’ve gone for the world at the top of the Faraway Tree vibe!! You know those Enid Blyton books “The Magic Faraway Tree’, where the worlds at the top of the tree kept changing? Well it’s a magical one, and quite a nice one too.

He’s blue because he’s kind of a smurf, with a beard and he’s been collecting flowers for his friend who he’s missed dreadfully hence the sentiment! I think we all have been missing people this year and that sentiment is going to be so useful for so many people.

As usual, the images are coloured in with alcohol markers and arranged on some patterned paper. I’ve used the Raindrops from Little Things from Lucy’s Cards.

Then…. it’s time to visit the Clearly Besotted Blog plus lovely Lisa and magnificent Michelle

December 29, 2020 at 8:00 am 7 comments

Clearly Besotted January Teasers Day 1

Helloooo!! I hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas. Just like that, it’s just over for another year and we’re swinging into Teaser Time!

Today I’m using a set called ‘Creating Chemistry’ and it’s cute meets love meets nerd with a little ‘best teacher’ thrown in for good measure; i.e. the perfect all rounder set and great for teens and blokes too!

The story behind this is a little fantastical- so bear with me!! Yes, it is supposed to be a double helix, and no, I haven’t lost the plot (I lost that a long time ago!!). The double helix was drawn freehand to go with the idea I had in my head.

There were three cute scientists trying to solve the problem of unrequited love. They were getting closer to finding the magical ingredient that would make everyone fall in love with you. Despite warnings from other leading scientists that the world wasn’t ready for this discovery, they continued with their quest.

The formula had be calculated and the proofs were ready. They decided to create the formula and unfortunately it caused an explosion. The scientists shrunk to the microscopic size where a double helix was larger than them and it spun them around, creating a mini cyclone which split the helix and tiny shards flew across the room. Is there a happy ending? No, only a sage warning that no-one needs everyone to fall in love with them- it could get very complicated!

The scientists never regained their size, they live under the floorboards of a laboratory conducting experiments of their own!!

So now we’d love you to visit the Clearly Besotted blog, Michelle and Lisa! They’ll have wonderful cards and tags for you, and hopefully with a little more sanity in them!

See you tomorrow,

Keren xx

December 28, 2020 at 8:00 am 6 comments

Clearly Besotted December Release Day !

It’s that time again!! It’s Release Day and I used the Dog Years set. This card is partly in sympathy with all of those people who have birthdays around Christmas and New Year. Being one of those people, it’s often frustrating having to wait a whole year with no fun interruption like a birthday!

So I thought I’d throw a fun party for these twin doggies and there had to be two cakes. It’s no good them sharing a cake; it really wouldn’t do! They need one each!

We certainly need more celebrations; 2020 has seemed a little bereft of them! The best parties should be done on a table!

Having had twins, you certainly need two cakes and plenty of decorations and if you’re not fortunate enough to avoid the Christmas period when celebrating a birthday, it needs to be as un-Christmassy as possible!

The mini bunting was easy to do using twine and a hole punch! The tablecloth is a piece of patterned paper folded with foam pads to give the tablecloth structure.

We’re nearly at Release time! The release goes live at 8pm GMT. All sets are available tonight on the Clearly Besotted store and also from Simon Says Stamp.

Before we get to 8pm, maybe you can pass the time by popping over to the Clearly Besotted Blog , Michelle has her usual round up video and blog post

Don’t forget to visit Facebook and enter the Release Day competition to win the entire release. The big bundle will be available as usual, this month there’s a free stamp and stencil.

I’d love to know which sets have fired your imagination!

I’ll be back soon,

Keren x

December 1, 2020 at 8:00 am 5 comments

Clearly Besotted December Teasers Day 4

Hello lovely blog visitors, how are you today? I said today’s post was about heading towards a celebration and the set I’m showing today is called ‘Year Of You’. It contains all the animals for each Chinese Year of the … plus a few other elements too. When I saw the set it made me think of many scenes that I’ve seen with people letting off Chinese lanterns, so I created this.

It’s actually quite hard to make a realistic backdrop…and you may not want to try and replicate this as it took a load of colouring and it didn’t even look smooth. It looks streaky! I suspect that if I’d added a few more layers then maybe it would have ended up looking much better.

This little guy is sat on a jetty somewhere gazing into the night sky. I’ve used the little tiger. Isn’t he adorable.

You can see the pencil markings above, I was trying to make it look like the glow of the lanterns. I added gold stars and white gel pen for a little more atmosphere.

It’s amazing how you can take two small images and conjure up a whole card with them. They may be small, but they are mighty!!

With more celebratory ideas, please visit the Clearly Besotted Blog, then Michelle and Francine too x

November 30, 2020 at 8:00 am 4 comments

Clearly Besotted December Teasers Day 3

I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying these teasers…I hope you’re having a lovely day. Today’s ‘offering’ is a little different. This set called “Picture It Stars’ is a fabulous backdrop for many different plushies and Clearly Besotted characters. I actually coloured one guy to add to the scene, but it ended up looking better without, so I’ve done a card that might just suit a guy pretty perfectly- plus I’m sure would appeal to lots of females too.

It’s rare that I do one suitable for men but I really enjoyed creating this. I’m still raiding my patterned paper; such a sneaky shortcut and I do need to reduce the stash! I actually stamped in black, coloured the stars in white and then added gold to most of the star. As the paper is so dark, if I’d only put the gold gel pen on first, it wouldn’t have shown up very well. I left a small edge of white to add a highlight.

I then stamped the main image onto white cardstock and coloured in with alcohol markers and Prismacolor pencils for details…

All that was left was to add a curved piece of purple patterned paper and the sentiment and add a white die-cut frame to finish it off. It will look amazing with little critters added, but I thought the stamp set by itself looks fabulous too.

See you tomorrow for something heading towards a celebration.

Keren x

I can’t wait to see what Clearly Besotted have produced today, plus Michelle and Lisa then our guest Francine too!

November 29, 2020 at 8:00 am 4 comments

Clearly Besotted December Teasers Day 2

Welcome back ! We have a musical theme going on today. Plus the design is influenced by Covid-19 ! The set is called ‘Howl, It’s Christmas!’

They’re a funny bunch, and normally the Pemberley Pooch Choir would be going around the village, knocking on doors and singing their heart out to raise money for the local cat shelter. Despite there being a ban on singing (for reasons of reducing the spread of the virus) they couldn’t miss out on singing carols so they decided to temporarily move into Barney’s big spacious house so they could spend the month of December singing and sharing Christmas together.

Normally I’d have created a window scene looking outside with the animals singing in the winter air, but thought the ‘bubbled’ pooches might be just as much fun. The window needed curtains, so I ransacked my fabric collection and sewed 2 thin strips (just a straight line- anyone can do that) and adhered them behind the die cut frame.

I’d quite like some of those curtains myself. I then coloured the scene using alcohol markers but added some softness using Prismacolor pencils. They are a lively bunch aren’t they and apart from mistakenly stamping a musical note so that it was sticking out of Rufus’ head, I didn’t make too many errors.

I added the Christmas tree behind them all and added the bone bedecked music stand on foam pads for a little height. I used up a little bit of patterned paper. Barney certainly has good taste in carpets!!

So. Now off to the Clearly Besotted Blog then to visit Lisa and Michelle then our guest Francine for more merriment.

See you tomorrow for more teasers!

Keren x

November 28, 2020 at 8:00 am 4 comments

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